Complaints and Grievances

Reading through the /r/apple subreddit and it is always amazing when I see people complaining about the latest MacBook because it cannot run Firefox or Microsoft Office 2011 badly (in fairness to 2011, it is old and poor optimised so I’ll be fair to Microsoft). Firefox has always been a horrific mess because it pretty much recreates a large portion of an operating system all for the sake of portability so the net result is a piece of software so abstracted that you end up with what you have. If the software is designed to be multi-platform then the platform it is running on will always be an afterthought rather than a deliberate plan from the outset that the operating system was targeted from day one. The net result is that you have an application that runs but never going to be optimised or well integrated – it’ll always feel like a ‘fish out of water’ but all is good when you’ve got a grunty piece of hardware that is able to mask the inefficiencies in the software because “well fuck it, lets just throw more memory and processing power then eventually it’ll run acceptably”.

Now, the problem is that you’ve got super low power low clocked CPU in a fanless super thin notebook design which means if you have a well written application that is optimised and takes advantage of the built in operating system technologies then it’ll run well but if it is a piece of software written with your operating system as an after thought then it’ll be a crappy experience. The rumour has it that Apple has hit a wall – the ability to throw more hardware at a problem isn’t going to make up for inefficiencies in the operation system so in recent days the rumour has been going that the next release of OS X and iOS will be focused on optimising and bug fixing, a ‘Snow Yosemite’ that’ll hopefully give developers at Apple some breathing room to sit back and go back through the code to clean up some loose ends which will hopefully mean a more reliable experience not to mention those devices with low power CPU’s such as the newly launched MacBook will provide a new lease on life.

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