Making progress

Making progress bit by bit – contacted Spark to notify them that I have cancelled the UFB installation given the amount of fucking around required to get it installed it just wasn’t worth it for the modest speed improvement given that today I’m already getting connected to the exchange at 45Mbps down and 10Mbps upstream which is close to the maximum one can get at this distance from the exchange using a VDSL connection. Sure, if I purchased UFB I could download things faster locally but since most of what I download is from overseas I doubt I would get much higher. Most of the time if I’m download off a big name like Apple or Microsoft I’m hitting close to 1-2MBps (mega bytes per-second as apposed to the connection rate which I provided as mega bits per-second). I’m very happy with my service and given that the price of wholesale copper is going to drop over time there will be the added benefit of cheaper prices. I have looked at alternatives such as the Vodafone Cable network which is already installed but their crappy customer service, crappy speed, crappy billing system and just wall to wall crappiness pretty much necessitates me staying with VDSL for the foreseeable future. I am tempted though to get a power line networking and working out how to disable the ‘night store’ setting on the power board so then I can use the circuit that used to be used by the heaters and instead use it as a dedicated loop for networking – have a good stable connection from my desktop computer in the office to the router in the lounge room sitting on top of the bookshelf.

I’ve finally sorted out my banking with everything moved back to ASB Bank – Visa Debit card arrived but I’m going to pick up my EFTPOS card tomorrow as a back up to the Visa Debit then in the next couple of days the Visa Low Rate will arrive. On the Kiwibank side I’ve closed off my credit card and once that is confirmed I’ll contact them to close off my account. As for my ASB account I’ll get them to delete my two old accounts that I kept open just incase a friend of mine sent some cash from overseas but what I’m going to do instead is have a multi-currency account so then it avoids the conversion fees from Yuan to NZ$. Paying down that GEM Visa but I’m in now hurry since it is is interest free but I’ll have at least half of it whacked off by the time I go on holiday although at the beginning of June I’m going to take my scooter in for a 6 monthly intensive servicing and telling the guys at the workshop to replace anything that needs replacing or doesn’t look right along with tightening any screws, bolts and nuts that they see.

I finally used my oven and cooked some nice home cooked meal but I’ll be purchasing a roast chicken tomorrow for dinner along with some salad – something healthier than the fast foods I’ve become accustomed to at work. To be honest I am tempted to purchase some Complan (mix it with some Benifibre) and a shaker cup so then I can bring dinner from home to gradually ween myself off of fast food and get healthier. One of those things I noticed is that I’m becoming too reliant on eating quick food and god knows it can’t be doing good things to my long term health where as at least with Complan plus Benifibre I’ll get my vitamins, minerals and fibre required whilst also controlling calories which will help in reducing my weight over the long term and bring it to a happy medium middle ground.

Just realised that I’ve run out of spare oil so I’ll need to grab a couple of bottles from the REPCO up in Johnsonville – it’s a premium 2 stroke oil but it really does make the engine purr well combined with good 95 octane petrol the little 50cc beast is humming like a cat. I am tempted though to have a look at a 125cc scooter on Motorad which is the same brand as my existing one except it is a 125cc version of it for $3,799 ( link )  so after I pay down the GEM Visa I’m going to have a look at purchasing by throwing it on the card where I will automatically get 6 months interest free. That’ll double the power of the scooter meaning I can go for long journeys although the cost of the registration and licence is confusing ( link ) because I’m unsure whether the scooter would fall under the scooter/moped even though the cc amount has gone up given that if it falls below 50cc and a scooter than it is in its own category when compared to the exact same size motor but on a motorcycle form factor. There is this one that I’m tempted by because of the cool retro design  ( link ) but really what I want is a place where I can put my scooter that will protect it from the weather – out the back I’d love to put up something like an Archgola so then it provides some covering over the backyard so then I can put my scooter around the back whilst also providing a way where I can dry my clothes outside even on an overcast day – being able to have a decent size clothes horse. That being said, I also need to sort out that gate on the side because right now I’d prefer to have something a little more robust to provide security rather than the rickety lattice work thing that hangs there now. Whilst I’m thinking of upgrades – change the door that leads into the kitchen from having a frosted glass panel to a solid door – something more robust than the status quo today especially when it comes to security and keeping out drafts.

Regarding my current computer hooked up to the television, for some reason it is turning off each night so maybe it is getting to the end of its life – choc full of dust? highly likely so that will be another thing I can add to the ‘must do’ list where I’ll replace that with a Mac mini with a small SSD drive, wireless keyboard and a magic tough pad which should be fun when watching stuff online. I was ruminating over the idea of getting an Apple TV but the problem is that it is so restrictive in what one can do that the lifespan is limited and I’m more likely to get annoyed given that many of the shows I want to watch only show ‘previews’ on YouTube and a link to the full version of their website – PBS Frontline and Charlie Rose being two examples of that. Even if I went out to purchase a Mac mini and pay it all off it will still work out cheaper than having a Sky connection given that I have a flat rate internet connection combined with access to all the shows I want to watch such as France 24 which means I’m able to watch all the news online live but for free – good times and happy days for all.

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