“I work here because being homeless would suck a lot more”

Finished work, picked up some breakfast and headed back home to watch ‘The Blacklist’ then maybe I’ll watch Law and Order SVU maybe tomorrow night but it’ll have to be after I wash down the lobby floor which should be relatively easy given that we have a hose extension which joins two hoses together.

Amazing how the moderation system of points is so regularly abused by people who use it as a way to promote ideas they agree with rather than the original intention which was to promote posts that added to the discussion regardless of whether one agreed or disagreed with the post. Trolling is bad enough when a conversation is completely derailed and a flame war starts because some smug prick believes what they did ‘for the lulz’ was oh so funny but what is even worse is when a insular circle jerk is created where dissenting views are missing from the conversation because those posters can’t be bothered dealing with their post down voted then disappearing from public view together not to mention that their contribution isn’t taken seriously. Reminds me of the usual trope about how Facebook encourages ‘bubbles’ where individuals will insulate themselves from alternative view points but such ‘bubble’ has become all too common on the net where individuals will seek out narratives that confirm there own bias – “I believe in xyz already so therefore I’ll seek out stories and forums that re-enforce what I already believe so then I feel even more secure about my position”.

Still trying to sort out the whole UFB installation so I’ll take another crack at chatting to the neighbours on Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday (my days off) and hopefully get that sorted out with the landlord/owner signing permission for the contractor for Chorus to come in and install the fibre optic cable into my premises. Regarding the location, I’d be ok if they did it on the wall where the single seat is given that there is already a dedicated power outlet there that I don’t use for anything else and then have an ethernet cable that can go from there to my modem/router that its on my shelf which gives good coverage for the whole house. That being said, I am tempted to upgrade it to 200Mbps since they’ve made that speed available as well as getting a power line networking device so that I can go wired from my desktop to the router so then I can get maximum performance and throughput particularly when uploading videos to Vimeo or playing back videos. I’ll be excited once it is installed because it is the future – any sort of speed/performance improvements will be all focused on UFB going forward so once I’m on it then it is all smooth sailing from there.

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