Chilling at home

Relaxing in bed watching ‘The Last Ship’ that I heard about on a tech forum (unfortunately Helix has apparently been cancelled) and so far it has been pretty good but then again I’m not one of these fussy assholes who go, “OMG it is so lacking in constructive juxtaposed critique of modern society through a post modern lens!” or some other crappy comment that I generally see on review forums – attempts by people to make themselves appear to be more sophisticated than they really are. Bought a couple of pizzas from Hell’s and sat back to relax watching some trashy television on my day off. I’m not one to go out and to be honest it is so bloody cold it is something I’d prefer to avoid not to mention that the cost of going out and the ‘pleasure’ experienced would be uneven – or am I thinking of money spent/pleasure received in a too much of a clinical way lol.

Regarding my experimentation with Soundcloud, I decided to kill off the account but also delete the whole ‘pod cast’ idea and instead focus my attention on writing for my blog with the occasional video upload to Vimeo to cover subjects best left to video commentary but text will be the primary form of communication. I’ll be uploading a video to Vimeo to talk about my MacBook Pro 13.3inch and iMac 27inch hopefully tomorrow now that I’ve given both computers a decent work out and can provide feedback that is useful and constructive.

On a good side, next week I’ll have an extra day off on the 13th, the 27th then in June for 2 weeks and a couple of days from the 8th so I can sit back and watch the WWDC keynote address plus the many sessions that Apple will have available to educate developers about the upcoming technologies in their next version of iOS and OS X. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing Vulkan (in particular how it relates to iOS and OS X to bridge the divide between the two platforms), OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 2.0, improvements in the graphics subsystem and hopefully a lot more under the hood improvements particularly around the area of the filesystem, threading and process management, memory usage reduction etc. I haven’t had a holiday for a long stretch for at least a year when the last time I did I went down to Christchurch to visit my brother so a long extended break would be nice and enable me to relax.

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