My iMac has arrived and more build stuff

So my iMac arrived in Friday, well before I was expecting it so it was a nice present before work – too bad I was so zonked out after having stayed up all night that I needed to get to bed and be up before 8pm so I could get to work at 9pm that night so I’m hoping that with Monday and Tuesday off from work that I’ll get to fiddle around with the computer more and maybe upload a video review (I tried before but I was s buggered from work tonight I ended up rambling deliriously without much of a point to anything I was saying). So far I’ve got OS X updated, all my applications installed and iTunes configured to my Drobo 5D device hooked up and is performing well.

The BUILD 2015 conference has been interesting – Windows was mentioned but most of the sessions I’ve seen have been more focused on getting developers focused on Azure and taking advantage of services provided by Microsoft but also talking about a less Windows centre future but rather a future where you use Microsoft technologies such as the upcoming .NET 5.0 to target iOS, Android, Windows 10 and OS X. I think there is a realisation at Microsoft that if you don’t support more than just Windows with your technology then programmers will simply using another technology that is compatible with the platform they’re developing on. The net result is that you’ve seen an explosion of development for Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, php and other technologies which has left Microsoft out in the cold – the move away from Microsoft technologies ultimately lead to a move away from Microsoft’s platform and ultimately making Azure less and less tempting because of that.

I’m still looking at soundcloud but as noted before I want to tie up some loose ends before plonking down $100+ for an account.

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