Going well, going well indeedy

I received an email this morning (before I headed off to sleep) that my iMac had shipped from the factory in Shanghai – the ETA is 1 May but I’m all good if it eventually arrives on Monday next week. I’ll be happy once that arrives so then I can set it up in my office along with hooking up my Drobo 5D device – sort out my music collection and I’ll be on my way. When it comes to sorting things out with my ‘reducing my debt load’ it appears that by the end of next week it’ll all be paid off and I’ll close off the credit card along with my Kiwibank account but I’ll keep my GEM Visa because it is useful for its 6-12 and 18 months interest free deals that I’ll eventually use when I purchase a 150cc scooter and possibly in the future a heat pump. Around half way through May I’m going to take in my scooter in for servicing – making sure it is all going well, it’ll cost a couple hundred dollars but it ensures that my warranty is continued to valid.

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