Sound Cloud issues and life in general

I’ve uploaded a couple of podcasts to my Soundcloud account however I’ve found that I’ve now got only 56minutes left and cannot wrk out whether the space provided is a fixed amount, that is, “here is the total number of minutes for all times” or is it like Vimeo where you get 500MB per week and it refreshes at the end of each week so I’ve sent off a message to their support forum in a hope that’ll get a reply soon. Worse case scenario I’ll find a better place where the audio can be hosted given that I still have the original files so I can easily re-upload them to a new service and re-link up the posts to the new location of the podcast.

Regarding fibre installation – finally received a reply back from the Chorus contractor but it appears that nothing will be happening for around 20 days or so which means it’ll be probably be June by the time I end up getting it installed. It’ll be interesting to see when Spark updates their offerings to start offering 200Mbps download speeds but then again long term I’d love to be able to have a decent upload speed so then I can push most of what is on my Drobo into the cloud so that I have an offsite backup so if something happens then I have a back up plan that I can retrieve the back up and have nothing lost.

On a good side regarding my progress towards debt consolidation and getting rid of it – I’m on track that by the end of May I’ll have all the ‘bad debt’ paid off meaning that the only stuff I’ll have left is the 12 months interest free that I can gradually chip away with knowing that I’m not having to deal with paying interest. Long term once that is paid off I’ll be looking at getting a 150cc scooter and a full motorcycle licence so that long term I’ll have greater freedom in terms of travelling – able to go on long trips with a larger motorcycle because right now a 50cc would be impractical for anything approaching 100km or more.

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