Update on how things are going

1) Just reading through the New Zealand subreddit (which once again reminds me why I don’t subscribe to it) – when there is the student allowance, accommodation supplement, interest free student loan for living costs, books and fees not to mention the many forms of assistance via ‘Work and Income’ along with various charities it is amazing how these opportunities in higher education are squandered. It is one thing to be born into poverty and there being little to no assistance of any form but when here is a system setup, a system that I’m more than happy to pay my fair share into the system via taxation, to help those who need assistance then not do I expect that the resources aren’t wasted I also expect people to use them rather than whine that their lack of success in life being due to some nebulous conspiracy against them.

As a student myself I bloody grateful that I was able to graduate university with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Religious Studies and Philosophy – I received the student allowance, an interest free student loan as well as accommodation supplement which helped me with my rent. With that assistance I was able to pay my way through university – working hard, focusing on what I wanted and working towards it. The success didn’t just decent down out of the sky because I was born into a middle class family but because I worked for it and made use of the opportunities that society offered me – I didn’t sit at home pissing at moaning about the injustice of it all.

You may have been raised a certain way but there are moments in your life where you have, what I’d like to call, ‘moments of clarity’ when you realise that you were raised a certain way but you also have an opportunity to re-invent yourself in an image that you have crafted for yourself. The question is, are you willing to look around at the world, look at your family, look at how you were raised and question whether who you are and the environment you were born into will dictate your future or whether you will take control of your life and dictate the direction.

The other problem I have is the insinuation by some that being poor has a one to one relationship with having a low regard for the value of an education – ignorance (and celebrating that ignorance) is the cause of people having a low value of education not poverty. My own fathers parents for example were always struggling but both parents always reminded their children that education is the one thing that cannot be taken away from you once you’ve got it. If you have a culture in which the boorish and brutish behaviour is not only valued but worshipped then are you surprised that those with the lack of a descent role model with in their own family will look outwards to the culture in which they’re born and raised to seek guidance as to the qualities that as a society we value? but alas, we have our good friend on Reddit wanting to gargle from the foundation of wisdom resulting in only a pithy post rather than something in-depth and worth reading.

2) I’ve finally got things sorted out with he bank – paid off the last of the ‘interest free transfer’ and updated my details with my job so that my pay goes into my ASB Bank account along with ordering a new Visa Debit. I was going to close off my GEM VISA card but given that I can get 6-12 months interest free (or more) along with an interest in purchasing an iMac in the future (whilst taking advantage of the 12 months interest free that Apple offers) so it is best to just keep it open and take the ‘payment insurance’ off the card to avoid additional costs. Oh, I’ve got to ring up State Insurance to update my details but apart from that I’m happy with how things are going.

3) I’ve decided to how things pan out but I’m deciding whether to hold off purchasing an iMac 5K or wait till there is a refresh after the WWDC conference that’ll include a skylake chip and maybe a M300X series GPU which will hopefully come with a move to a more efficient fabrication process that will translate into cooler running and more energy efficient. That being said the latest update with 10.10.3 has yielded some improved results, that the scorching temperates reported earlier on were the result of games running on maximum resolution – something I would never do and I’m sure any GPU, be it mobile or desktop class GPU, would struggle at remaining cool. That being said I don’t play high end games and most of what I do in terms of ‘stressing the computer’ is CPU bound in the case of video compression where I use ffmpeg and iFFmpeg as the front-end along with QuickTime for capturing video and audio.

4) My heater died last night – couldn’t work out why there was absence of heat coming out of the heater even though I had it turned on lol. I’ve looked online at Noel Leeming and there is a decent array of available heaters on sale because goodness knows when winter really starts to hit going into May and June I’ll need to keep my house nice and warm to avoid getting sick and having to take days off from work. I’ve boxed up my old heaters in a computer screen box and hopefully I’ll find a way that I can dispose of it without too much drama – maybe get my sister to pick it up so they can take it off to the dump. The decision is around the technology being used and ensuring that I get something that is energy efficient and can keep the house warm quickly without making my power bill go through the roof. The  Delonghi Slimline Panel Heater (HCX3220FTS) looks like the best combination but I wonder whether I should get two, one for my living room and then one I can place in my bedroom as to avoid moving the heater around – the movement might have caused damage to my previous heater hence it’s premature ‘demise’ that took place. I’m looking at putting bubble wrap on my bathroom windows as to hold in the heat and avoid it escaping – it worked at my flat in Trentham so it’ll work again where I live.

5) Still deciding when I’m going to use up my annual leave because it is almost two months worth so hopefully I’ll purchase the iMac 5K and take a month off to chill out, recharge and hibernate over winter not having to worry about any drama at work or around me. Most people take time off work over the summer to go away on holidays where as I have to admit I’m more of a homely kind of person who would sooner relax at home than go through the stress of going on a holiday and the cost that is involved. Almost finished re-encoding all my music again and it is all going well – XLD even after all this time is the best swiss army knife of transcoding on the market.

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