Chilling out with a day off from work

Siting here on the couch on a ‘Dexter’ marathon where I am up to season 3 and enjoying it so far – never really understood the appeal when I heard people going on about how awesome it was until I started watching it myself. Reminds me very much how I got into ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ then realising “Oh, these are pretty awesome”. The Acer computer I have hooked up to my television is going well with Fedora 21 installed but the one thing to remember is when you upgrade the kernel to uninstall the nVidia driver, reboot then reinstall it again or otherwise the computer becomes unusable (Linux doesn’t pick up the wireless mini-keyboard that comes with the computer). Apart from that everything is going well – love being able to chill out watching programmes that I want to watch when I want to watch them. There is a rumour though that Apple is going to release an Apple TV device that’ll allow installing of applications which will hopefully mean sometime in the future that Spark could release a Lightbox application for Apple TV.

I’ve signed up for a Sound Cloud account and i’m going to make podcasts a regular thing with videos being used for special occasions where I want to show off a new product I bought and given a visual review. The benefit of a podcast is that I can sit anywhere in the house and make a video recording – I can talk about things and not have to worry about what I’m wearing etc. so it makes life a whole lot easier. I’ll make a regular podcast where I talk about technology, politics, philosophy etc. so basically a free flowing conversation that’ll be a lot more interesting but it can be more spontaneous. I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for quite some time but I’ve always thought maybe a video would be good enough but given how laborious it is to record a video the idea of a podcast makes more practical sense.

Waiting for UFB to be installed but the free modem has arrived but I’ll give that to my sisters partners family because their modem is ancient and buggy with poor coverage of the house. The replacement modem isn’t as good as the one I have (Huawei HD659b) but it is better than the technicolor one that was given to them around 5 years ago – the replacement one being a Huawei HG630b which is good enough for most people. The benefit of the HG659b is the support for 802.11ac, gigabit ethernet and being a pretty simple yet stable router for what I need to do. That being said, I’m going to use ‘power line networking’ from my router to my iMac once I get it so then I can reach my full internet connection potential by having a stable wired line back to the router thus avoiding the pitfalls of a wireless connection. Something like this ( link ) would do the trick and I’d say that the connection will reach 600Mbps given that I’ll be running it on its own circuit – reusing the one that I used to use for the heater which will hopefully translate into less interface given that they’ll be the one devices using that power line. I did investigate Vodafone cable as an option but given the customer service melt down that is taking place I’d sooner stick with Spark in the mean time and see how the merging of 2 Degrees Mobile and Snap Internet all pans out especially once the systems are merged into one and those 2 Degrees customers are translated over into Snap Internet customers as well – a full service telco being able to take on the big players.

Going to pick up a pair of plain black shoes tomorrow – skate ones because they’re comfortable to wear when at work especially when standing up for long periods of time. Globe plain black I’ve bought in the past and have lasted a good amount of time – comfortable at work and priced reasonable and something I can pick up tomorrow without too much fuss or bother. Get some banking done, complete the washing, hoover the house, purchase the shoes, throw out some rubbish and pick up some rubbish bags along with putting out the recycling. A busy day ahead of me so I’ll finish off the last bit of dexter then go to sleep.

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