Something to be said about ‘the others’: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Yesterday I went into Lower Hutt to pay some bills, have something for lunch, drive into Wellington to pick up a courier parcel (left a note on my front door about leaving it in the letter box but it appears reading a note on the door is too much work for some) then came back into Lower Hutt to organise being switched over from VDSL to Fibre 100 which involves Spark organising someone from Chorus (the company which owns the lines) to come over an evaluate how they’re going to install the fibre connection.

Whilst I was there it appears that Spark has already put up a Samsung S6 and S6 Edge display before the availability – I assume to give customers a preview and get them excited when it does eventually arrive. Anyway, I gave them both a go and the S6 Edge definitely feels very much like a premium phone – lovely to hold in the hand where as the S6 is very much similar to what the S5 was except with a metal band around the side like the iPhone 4/4S/5/5S but it doesn’t have the sort of premium ‘feel’ that one would expect for a phone priced around the same level. It fees like an S5 with some lipstick which is to say that it tries to be premium and it shows.

Regarding the software, both of them are running Android 5.0.2 and appear pretty snappy but I never really got into using them heavily such as the individual applications for long periods of time but the big problem that I think Samsung users will face is whether we’ll see Samsung release Android 5.1 in a timely manner or whether as usual they’ll drag their feet every step of the way because based on past actions it appears things will remain just as horrible on the software front. When it comes to Samsung Kies, still the same horribly horrific mess as always which cements the fact that now Google is selling the Nexus 6 into New Zealand from their Google Play Store there is very little incentive to keep purchasing a Samsung other than being able to buy it in person at a carrier store then put it on a contract for 12 or 24 months.

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