The sick feeling of buyers regret

Once again Kawaii you’ve made a fool of yourself – saying once before that you would never make the same mistake then and behold you make the same mistake once again moving to the PC world and realising that after convincing yourself over the doom and gloom of the Mac world that the PC world would be the land of milk and honey. I woke up this morning and two things were on my mind – first the annoying dog that keeps howling and the temptation to yell some abuse out the window maybe satisfying for my own sanity but doubtful that it would materialise in the dog shutting up. The second was the buyers regret of going with a PC running Windows when the reality is that I’m a dyed in the wool Mac user not to mention having to deal with the ‘issues’ that Windows has with high-dpi screen. I expect some iffyness when it comes to third party software because end of the day Microsoft can crack the whip and try to motivate third parties barring holding a gun to a developers head there really isn’t a way of addressing what third parties do. That being said, the experience was just horrible when coming from a Mac perspective – where I expect fit and finish in every aspect of the operating system what I found was a superficial top layer of ‘everything under control’ but underneath the hood you find that as soon as you go off the front and head around the back you find that the wheels are very much falling off the truck.

Then there is the lack of third party software that is up to the same standard that I experience in the Mac world such as when it comes to updating my blog I’m having to use the web based interface which lacks the flexibility of an offline WordPress blogging client but almost every blogging client for Windows is either abandoned, haven’t been updated in 2-3 years or woefully incompatible with the latest incarnation of WordPress to handle the templates that are in use (Windows Live Writer). Then there is the video capturing where your choice is either the built in one that comes with Windows 8.1 which doesn’t enable fine grain selection as to the rate of compression, resolution etc. given that when I upload videos I upload them to Vimeo (where I only have a free account) which means I have to keep it below 500MB. Transcoding the final file from its recorded format to a more compressed version will introduce horrible artefacts and lets not get started on the lack of an easy to use compression in the case of iffmpeg which serves as a nice front end.

On a good side though I’ve been able to return both the laptop and the desktop to Dell and refunded for the purchase price of both computers so this time around it has only been a matter of wasting time on my part rather than wasting a large amount of money. The monitor unfortunately is outside of the 15 day period but that is ok since I’m sure it can be useful for my brother, sister or mum if they need one. As for my phone, I am in no hurry and I’ll probably sell that off given that the sdcard is probably worth more than the phone second hand but that is in the long run. I’ll do one more video as part of the transition series and call it something along the lines “…and back again!”. If you don’t mind me I’m going to help myself to some humble pie.

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