Another week come and gone

Don’t you just hate it when you think that you’ve got everything under control then it all turns to shit within a matter of few hours. One of the stores needed a manager for the night so I organised one of ours to go to their store, one of the managers (who was a crew that night) to cover the shift then get a crew member to come in to cover the crew working as a manager that night – well, everything turned to crap when I received a text message “Oh, I can’t start till 7pm because of tutorials” and I thought, “all good, shit happens” then I suddenly get told 6 hours after that text message “I can’t come because of my student allowance”. Honestly, this is the sort of shit that should have been said to me straight off the bat so then I could organise someone else to come in. So more drama at work that could have been avoided had the individuals involved realised how much of a pain in the backside all this actually is.

Something I noticed with Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 when it comes to HTML5 video and http live streaming when compared to Safari it is very smooth – none of the buffering problems I was experiencing before which makes me wonder whether it is the implementation by Apple via Safari (and AV Foundation) or whether the problem sits further down the stack into the networking and it relates to their resent changes that have cause much grief in the Mac orientated blogosphere and rumour outlets as much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the much the predicted decline of Apple (and slide in quality of OS X). One of the benefits with Windows is that it doesn’t move fast but when there is movement it doesn’t result in all hell breaking loose with each release – the regular breakage of Wi-Fi with each release of OS X comes to mind.

In my old age I’m becoming increasingly intolerant of people who are wound up ideology to the point that they’ll deny the blatantly obvious as so long as their understanding of the world around them fits their ideological narrative even if it requires selectively ignoring things that contradict what they believe. Neo-tribalism being an extension of that (the collective formed around an ideology/shared belief) is is even worse when discussing technology where interesting ideas are instantly slammed because they’re not part of the persons ‘tribe’ aka ‘I’m a Microsoft/Apple/etc man so therefore no one else comes to close to the awesomeness of my favourite business”. I read through various outlets relating to the new MacBook ultra-ultra-book that has been released and all the blood letting over the fact that there is only one port and if you want more devices supported at once then you’ll need to purchase a dongle to make that possible. Then there was the counter balance, well, an attempted counter balance over at iMore which only ended up turning into a giant game of ‘see the other as the enemy therefore destroy them’ aka ‘the holy warriors of Mac’ believing that they need to spend their spare time ‘defending the honour of Apple online’ as if a multibillion dollar company needs volunteers defending them online. Then again it appears the idiocy of man knows no bounds; from neo-tribalism around sports teams, car brands (Holden vs. Ford) and now we have people pledging allegiance to computer businesses or product line – finding meaning in ones life through a common connection shared with others over the internet. Le Sigh.

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