Oh thank god Microsoft ignore forum posts

Reading through a forum you get the good, the bad and the ugly all rolled into one when you read some of the comments relating to the Windows 10 look and feel. Honestly, the whining about wanting ‘aero’ and ‘glass’ effect back – the tacky faux futuristic transparency that falls into the vein as the tacky transparent computer cases, neon lights, transformer style decals etc. and those people are the ones believing that they should be giving ‘tips’ on how the future of Windows should look. Honestly, I’d hate to be the person having to look through these ‘contributions’, in the feedback section, to the future of Windows and how the UI should look. This goes onto a second thing I’m going to whine about – what is it with this addiction so many people have with ‘busy interfaces’ that seem to be an icon soup with icons that are attempt be ‘works of art’ rather than fulfilling the function of being an ‘icon’ representing something with the least amount of details that is absolutely necessary. The benefit of having a minimalist icon set is the ability to scale up and scale down, the icons don’t end up looking out of date quickly or looking like crap on a high DPI screen, a standard DPI or on a small screen like a smartphone. I have to admit that when I saw the icons for Windows 10 I was at first a bit sceptical but over the last several weeks they’ve really started to grow on me – even that very much flat and basic rubbish bin icon which is also used in Outlook 2013.

Whilst I’m having a good whinge and whine I’m sick and tired of firstly people complaining that a ‘technology preview’, shock horror, actually is buggy, features missing and all round problematic – it is a frigging ‘technology preview’ for a reason and to run it as your daily driver is moronic at best. Oh, and whilst we’re talking about missing features, please oh please don’t pat yourself on the back for things being added in future Windows 10 builds by claiming that “Microsoft finally listened to us derp derp” as if these features were some how never going to be added to the system until Microsoft heard the out cry and decided to burn the midnight oil to keep the great unwashed masses happy.

One thought on “Oh thank god Microsoft ignore forum posts

  1. Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same, you and I have been in this game for a long time and we’ve probably seen it all when it comes to various levels of ignorance and outright foolishness.

    In my own testing the Windows 10 previews have been quite good, and the finished product will no doubt be much better.

    On another note, I have been reading through your most recent posts and am happy to see that your XPS 13 has arrived, and also that you have been able to sort through the odd minor bump that we get with new hardware and software sometimes. I am sure that it will serve you very well and as we’ve discussed previously it is on my own short list.

    I was also looking at a Surface Pro again yesterday, so it may be a close race when the Surface Pro 4 comes out – probably with Windows 10 at that point.

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