Finally got Ad-Blocker Plus sorted

Found where the HTML configuration files were and now I’ve bookmarked it so I added WordPress to the list of domains which has resolved the ‘slow typing’ when it comes to typing up a blog. I’ve added a few more websites to the exemption list that don’t use obnoxious ads and provide content but most other websites I’ll block because in all due respects ramming ads in my face with autorun video ads is a sure fire way of ensure that all ads are blocked. Honestly, do these web developers realise that rather than making more money they’re actually driving away their potential audience? imagine walking through the store and having someone consistently interrupting every 30 seconds, jumping in front of you and being a noisy nosy asshole – you wouldn’t want to hang around in that store let alone enter it yet web developers some how think that is ‘good business’ to be annoying. I for one am confused.

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