Finally back home, watching TV

Finally finished the shift at work, filling up the display fridge, organising the walk in, trying to work out why the order hadn’t been entered into the computer along with variances in the stock take so that was lots of fun dealing the problems meaning I wasn’t out until 3:30am but at lest I got those loose ends tied up before heading off home. Oh the drama of having to clean up organisational messes after only having a couple of days off from work.

Sitting on the sofa watching ‘Breaking Bad’ for the first time – I am up to season 4 and really enjoying it and it now makes sense when it comes to the new series ‘Better call Saul’ that has recently appeared on television but having started watching ‘Breaking Bad’ I’m now finding that ‘Better call Saul’ makes a lot more sense when seen within context. Supposedly ‘Better call Saul’ is meant to be a prequel to ‘Breaking Bad’ but you really need to see the later to understand the former so you could say it is more of a side project/off shoot given that a prequel can be viewed independently of the original yet still make sense.

Regarding my notebook, I updated my video card drivers to the latest one from Intel given that the ones bundled with the laptop originally was dated November. I haven’t noticed any performance improvements but then again I haven’t noticed any regressions but I’m going to guess that it probably has fixed up issues that I’m unaffected by such as OpenGL games, OpenCL performance however I have noticed a slight improvement in the battery life so maybe it has something to do with the ability to down clock. What I am impressed at is how snappy Windows is and how far Intel has gone in terms of improving their GPU design particularly how much grunt they’re able to get out of their CPU/GPU combo these days considering how little power is used and how much ‘horse power’ is being provided. It will be interesting to see what WDDM 2.0 delivers in terms of improved performance especially with the other changes under the hood, DirectX 12 of which the HD 5500 is compatible with.

Ever since my Dell XPS 8700 arrived I pretty much have stuck with Internet Explorer because for what I need to use it for it is ‘good enough’ for me and the fact that when it comes to memory usage, power efficiency, speed, reliability and integration in with Microsoft’s own cloud services however I am always open to using Chrome or Firefox if for example the 64bit version of Firefox yields improvements or that Google finally address the power sucking related issues pertaining to Chrome. With that being said however I’m open to use Chrome if I ever did make the leak to Android if it turns out that Windows 10 Mobile is in the same position it is today but next year. That being said the HTC One M9 is a very tempting device.

Random addition, I notice that the performance of Internet Explorer is absolutely horrible when I have Ad Blocker Plus installed – I guess that is part of the problem where there is a performance hit when it comes to blocking ads and Ad Blocker Plus isn’t hi-dpi compatible which means I cannot disable it on a per-website basis but then again it is a bit of a none issue given that I’m waiting for the big Windows 10 release and the revamped Windows 10 web browser which rumoured to have an extensions API that is comparable to Chrome and Firefox which should hopefully address the performance issues I have been facing. I’m looking forward to seeing Firefox 64bit appear soon for Windows but the Universal Application future of Windows is pretty exciting.

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