Interesting quirk with XPS 13 Wifi driver and no video tonight

So I booted up my notebook and found that I couldn’t connect to my WiFi network so I enabled the 2.4Ghz frequency just to connect to the network but as soon as I was setup I did a bit of a search on Bing and found that it is related to the driver itself. I took the advice and uninstalled the Dell provided custom driver and used the Broadcom wireless one instead which enabled me to connect to the 5Ghz network. The connection is incredibly stable and when I meet incredible, I’m sitting in my bedroom with at 866Mbps, full bars and enjoying the sort of stable connection that I could only dream of. All in all I’m one happy camper.

Regarding the video, I’m going to make it tomorrow after work but so far all I can say it is that I’ll be lavishing praise on Dell and how, although Windows 8.1 its quirks Microsoft is working on the issues relating to scaling for high DPI screens but then again it is very much a situation of software vendors making sure their UI code is scalable. Even on OS X there are scaling issues particularly when you’re dealing with third parties who abstract their UI layer using a go-between such as a custom widget kit or a third party one such as GTK/Pango/ATK or Qt. I think that is part of the reason why Microsoft is making the big push to WinRT given the mountain of perks you get by moving to WinRT: better memory management, hardware accelerated GUI, fewer ‘wake ups’ of the CPU, scalable UI from smart phone screens all the way to big high DPI 4K screens with the added perk of ‘write once, tweak then compile everywhere’ when it comes to the Windows offerings. It is going to be a long hard road moving from Win32 to WinRT but this is part of a long term plan that also includes moving .NET to a share common UI toolkit which should make sharing code between WinRT and .NET a lot easier – especially in the enterprise market where there is a tonne of .NET LOB applications that enterprise business use internally that I’m sure they’d love to get working on tablets and smartphones.

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