Dell XPS 13 has arrived! oh god, it is so good it has to be bad

It has finally arrived! I stayed up until around 10:00am when it arrived via the courier and surprisingly small package inside another box with the box more reminiscent of a MacBook Air – something that is very un-Dell like in terms of attention to detail. This is what happens when you take a business private – focusing on long term building of relationships with customers rather than pandering to shareholders each quarter who demand unsustainable growth that isn’t even realistic in the long term. I’m going to create a video within the next couple of hours after I’ve had my ‘Breaking Bad’ binge giving an early review plus feedback regarding my first review of the Dell XPS 8700 desktop computer.

One thing I can say is that I am really enjoying the feel of the computer, the keyboard feels is pleasant to use with none of the keys feeling wobbly or cheap, the touchpad doesn’t feel as though it should be on a Dell, the touch screen I haven’t used any more than a couple of times but unfortunately it was a feature that I couldn’t opt out of without sacrificing having a weaker CPU installed. Regarding the speed, it does a great job down clocking and when you’re doing things like updating the blog or basic web surfing it can hover around 800Mhz and still remain responsive whilst keeping very cool in the process. One thing to keep in mine is that an ultrabook isn’t for heavy lifting – that is why we have desktops and workstations with the ultrabook being the ultimate laptop for portability first and foremost so if you’re hoping to play the latest games then prepare to join the city of disappointment – population, you.

Regarding battery life, that is a tricky thing to measure given that there are so many variables but on a full charge it said, ‘9 hours’, it said 6 hours and 50 minutes, now it is down to 3 hours and 53 minutes with 70% remaining so it’ll keep going up and down as it guesses based on what you’re ‘doing’ at anyone one time – typing a letter and you’ll find the amount of time left goes through the roof, compiling some code or compressing some video then it’ll fall through the floor resulting in only a few hours. The thing to remember is not to get freaked out and always remember that the time is an estimation rather than a hard number which is one of the reasons I used to get annoyed reading through the Mac forums of people whining about their ‘battery life’ going down and they were using the reported estimated time as if it were a hard piece of data rather than an estimation made by the computer based on sample data over a fixed time period.

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