Looking at getting a Windows desktop

Just having a look at this computer being sold by Dell ( link ) when viewed in context of the goal of getting a desktop ever since I got rid of my iMac. The problem is with the iMac I’m having a look at is the fact that if I go out to purchase and iMac since it is a sealed up computer with only the memory being able to get upgraded post purchase it means that I have to go out of my way to max out the machine just so that I can get a decent life span out of it – $5,200 for an iMac 5K, a SSD (less likely for something to break with no moving parts), the GPU upgraded to the M295X, a CPU upgraded to 4.0Ghz with the memory boosted to 16GB. An overkill? maybe but the problem is that as soon as I purchase it I’m stuck with that configuration not to mention that it is a hell of a lot of money to plonk down for a computer given that within the next year or so I’m looking at upgrading my scooter to a 150cc along with working towards my motorcycle licence. So I really want a desktop computer primarily for gaming, video and audio work etc. but the cost of getting an iMac at this stage is just ridiculous.

The alternative is to purchase a Dell which will set me back $2,600 which will allow me to do everything I want without the eye watering price tag associated with the iMac and if at a later date I want to do a piece meal upgrade of the components – put more memory in it, replaced the hard disk with an SSD or something else then I’m in a position where I can do that. I have to ask myself is OS X really worth the extra $2,600 – honestly? putting aside my rabid anti-Microsoft bias (I kid! I kid!) does it make sense spending so much on a computer for something that isn’t even something I’m making money off? Then there is the longevity of the computer given the constrained design, the generation of heat by the GPU given the legacy failed GPU’s in both iMac and MacBook Pro 15” computers etc. I’m getting to the point now that I no longer want to spend a large portion of my pay cheque on something giving me a marginally better experience when compared to the price tag attached – I’d sooner spend the money on holidays, a new scooter, doing up my flat etc.

Screen Shot 2015 02 23 at 7 48 59 am

For the $2,600 I get the above computer plus a 4K display ( link ) – would I really notice the ‘1K difference’? I’ve saved the configuration and I’ll head off to sleep but it is almost a guarantee that I’ll end up buying it tonight. Windows 8.1 for all its faults is ‘good enough’ for what I want to do and when you throw on the free upgrade to Windows 10 plus Microsoft Office on Windows being a first class experience which I need for work it is an offer too good to refuse. As for speakers, I’ll probably just go and purchase them from a local store given that what is provided online from Dell are pretty slim pickings and average quality at best – I’ll get that along with a webcam.

I’ve still got my old outlook.com email address and I’ll transition from my iCloud one to the Outlook.com but long term I’d be looking at either an HTC One M9 (when it is announced March some time according to rumours) or a Lumia 830 – looking forward to making a new path into the future.

One thought on “Looking at getting a Windows desktop

  1. That’s a really nice system you’ve spec’d out, and I agree – to me, Windows has matured significantly in the past few years, Office gives *the best* experience on Windows, so like you, it may be difficult for me to justify spending more for OS X at upgrade time when I cannot guarantee that I’ll be giving myself the best working environment for my money.

    Windows 8.1 is quite usable right now, if anything bothers you the third party stuff can rectify it, though really most of the little things will be addressed by Windows 10.

    I keep flip-flopping between a laptop and a desktop but at the end of the day, for a home system, a desktop would serve me best, and when I’m out on the go, I’d might as well pick up an inexpensive “Winbook” that can remote into the mothership and otherwise do the job whilst still being near disposable.

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