Another reason why I keep buying Mac’s: No crapware, adware or spyware

Just reading through another disaster in the glorious ‘horizontal computer business model’ that business analysts love praising ( link ) where once again an OEM sees your computer as something that is partially owned by them with the icing on the cake where Lenovo claims that they thought you, the end user, might like it ( link ). Honestly, this is the sort of crap, no matter how much Microsoft may try to improve Windows, finds that their brand undermined each step of the way.

3 thoughts on “Another reason why I keep buying Mac’s: No crapware, adware or spyware

  1. I’m quite disappointed in Lenovo over this – they claim that no ThinkPads had the software on them, only their consumer grade stuff, but I don’t know – they’re a bit tarnished now in my eyes, and I can’t help but wonder what other OEMs have done and are doing this.

    It’s a sad day in Mudville.

    1. It also makes me wondering whether the ThinkPad lines has a ‘super fish’ over their own but hasn’t been uncovered yet. One thing I used to love about Dell was this – their hardware was never exciting but they never butchered their Windows installation to the same degree that Lenovo did so you could always do a clean install with minimal drama. I’ve been following the development of Windows 10 and it appears the first crop of Windows 10 drivers aka WDDM 2.0 are making their way out through the Windows Update mechanism. Apparently there will be a new build line under the name ‘impressive’ that’ll be coming out soon for the Windows 10 beta testers which will hopefully result in more interface changes and cleaning up but rumour has it that June is the RTM date but I have a feeling that miscommunication by the source means that June is the RC date rather than the RTM date – oh well, keeping my eyes open at how things are going in the Windows world whilst lusting over an iMac 5K.

      1. I know, I was thinking the same thing myself – perhaps Lenovo is playing damage control right now while they roll out a (silent) tool to remove whatever might be on the ThinkPads, via their System Maintenance tool (or whatever it is called these days). You’re right about Dell, we’ve had a few in the house and they’ve always been pretty clean on the software side. It was also simple to get them up and running again with a clean install, as the stock Windows drivers were good enough to do the job. There was no need for any of the funny ones like we sometimes have with ThinkPads (and quite frankly, Lenovo’s site is terrible when it comes to figuring out what drivers you need and what they actually do!)

        I’m guessing that you’re right on Windows 10 RTM – a June RC would probably let them do the RTM in time for “back to school” with new Windows 10 machines from various OEMs. No worries here, as it will give more time for Apple to release new gear and give me more time to save 🙂

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