Bugs in OS X

Just reading through this blog entry ( link ) and there is also another way to avoid it – get a RAID device like a Drobo that presents itself as a giant disk so all the RAID stuff is transparent so when the drive is formatted with HFS+ you don’t get the sorts of issues as noted. The bug outlined in the blog also is pretty damn specific where the vast majority of end users wouldn’t trip over it. With that being said I wonder to what extent Core Storage is going to replace AppleRAID which would resolve a lot of these issues – that the reason why there isn’t the effort put into HFS+ and AppleRAID is because they’re eventually going to be replaced so the idea of expending resources now would be a waste when it would be better spent on the replacement.

The problem that the linked article author faced seems to be with a device that doesn’t actually have an operating system but rather a controller that presents the disks to the operating system then it is up to the user to manually create the RAID using the host operating system software then format the drive which could add a number of variables where as with the Drobo device you boot it up, the operating system formats and creates a LVM which then presents it as a single drive which is then formatted – in other words, all the RAID ‘stuff’ is done by the operating system residing on the device and the only thing the host operating system does (OS X) is create a filesystem on the disk that is presented.

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