Giving Windows 10 a chance…maybe

After my negative experience with Windows 10 it sounded as though, in my last point, that I had written off Windows 10 before it was even released but I am being open minded to see where Windows 10 ends up when hopefully we’ll see some of the stuff that Microsoft is holding back for the big Build 2015 conference. Although the experience was rough around the edges it all comes down to how Microsoft will release future builds through the new update channels and hopefully those issues that I talked about will be addressed. As much as I’d love to see Windows Phone 10 to be successful it is almost a guarantee that if I did ever move to Windows 10 I wouldn’t be able to stomach Windows Phone 10 because the lack of applications or even the most basic functionality such as gapless playback simply isn’t there. What are the alternatives to the iPhone? I’d probably go for a HTC One M9 if I ever went down the route to Windows 10 – I’d create a account and then create a Google account using my address given that Android supports ActiveSync. The big questions is what is Microsoft holding back for Build 2015 to bring out the old dazzle dazzle and get the crowd excited.

I’ve had a chat to Kiwibank, I’ve closed off the American Express, opened up a Kiwibank credit card and took advantage of the ‘six months interest free’ deal which I’ll pay back in 4-5 months depending on how things go in terms of other bills. Long term I’m hoping that after Build 2015 the credit card will be all paid down and hopefully either a refresh of the non-Retina iMac has been updated or all the information relating to the iMac 5K’s GPU temperature. I read through Macrumors to the final page and from what it appears it only shoots through the roof when one is putting it under a huge sustained GPU utilisation rather than something I’d ordinarily experience it running OS X, videos for Vimeo, audio and video compression, and the odd bit of web surfing. Then again, for most the non-Retina screen is good enough for what I’d need to do but the question is whether Apple is going to retire it or maybe bring in a lower end 4K version which utilises the existing Thunderbolt 2/DisplayPort 1.2 but then again Thunderbolt 3/DisplayPort 1.2 will be coming out in Q3 of 2015 under the code name ‘Alpine Ridge’ has the capacity to support a 27inch 5K display.

Still looking at getting a 125cc scooter which will set me back around $3799 for an Aprilia SR Motard 125 2014 APRILIA SR MOTARD 125 – long term I need a bigger bike and a full motorcycle licence particularly if I’m looking at long term travel at a reasonable speed – eventually long term (3-5 years) I’d like to get something like a 250cc scooter which means I can go on long journeys – as far as going up to Auckland if I want knowing the motor can handle it. I’ve had a look at getting a car licence but the number of hopes you have to jump through just to get a restricted not to mention a full license where as at least with the motorcycle licence the main concern is the safety of the driver hence I’d be going for the course rather than the test, to get those fundamentals nailed down.

I’m looking forward to seeing Office 2016 get released for OS X and hopefully the two of them will come in line feature and release schedule so that both OS X and Windows are treated as coequals – I’ll sign up for the Office 365 once I get my Mac mini which will replace my brother’s computer and the Apple TV since it’ll take care of all my online video watching needs. Wall to wall Apple house – I’d go with an Airport Extreme but the problem is that it doesn’t support VLAN tagging which is required but the Huawei HG659b is a pretty damn good modem and router even for a pretty bare base $199 from a carrier yet the wireless reliability has been second to none, over a month uptime, no problems in terms of moving files between the computer hooked up to the television or my laptop.

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