A change in 10.10.2

So far so good with the latest update –  on my computer I setup my desktop by ticking the box next to “Use dark menu bar and dock” as well as under accessibility the option of ‘Reduce Transparency’ however up to 10.10.1 there was a strange bug where the corners of the on screen dialogue for volume control there would be black corners but it has now been fixed:


The corners of volume dialogue have also been smoothed where as in 10.10 they were jagged making them quite un-Apple like in terms of ‘fit n finish’. Personally I’m not a fan of transparency or a light interface hence I prefer the dark feel with a simple flat interface without the needless ornamentation. I’ve since found a really cool background (I’ve saved it to my iCloud Drive for safe keeping) which is more fitting in with the the dark calming feeling I’m going for:

Screen Shot 2015 02 05 at 10 12 59 pm

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