Going great so far

Apple simultaneously released iOS 8.1.3 and OS X 10.10.2 updates with things going well after a few days – the responsiveness has improved and looking through the frameworks and kernel extensions it appears that pretty much everything has been touched in some way so it’ll be interesting to see what Apple has in store for 10.10.3 and whether they roll it up with the much promised Photos app along with the launch of iOS 8.2 and maybe when WWDC 2015 comes around we’ll see some under the hood red meat being served up. There is a great pod cast I found off Arstechnica ( link ) talking about the inner workings of Apple, shipping products and some chatter about wine and having some fun as well – something to listen to whilst laying in bed before heading off to sleep (jump to 11 minutes into the podcast which is where they start talking about the software development process within Apple). After listening to the podcast you quickly realise what is happening behind the scenes – quite interesting from an end user and tech enthusiast point of view.

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