Windows 10 announcement and 10.10 update progress

I stayed up last night to sit in bed to watch the big announcement of Windows 10 and apart from the constant buffering the presentation was actually pretty good although I did get rather bored when they started to talk about Cortana – unfortunately the Q&A session wasn’t recorded and put up online but I’d say that the big more extended information will be made with the Build 2014 conference occurring towards the end of April beginning of May which will show off a more feature complete build of Windows 10 along with the official release date along with information about the finer details relating to WinRT development and what third parties are going to be doing particularly when it comes to OEM’s and the new Settings universal application that’ll hopefully point to an end of OEM orientated crapware in favour of using the built in technology available in Windows to provide services such as drive and firmware updates for that specific hardware build – maybe use the little known packaging tool called OneGet.

Build 2015 is normally when we start seeing examples of hardware that is in development – hopefully a Surface Pro 4 being announced with a Broadwell CPU and shipping pre-installed with Windows 10 – a killer device for consumers and enterprise customers wanting all the flexibility of a tablet but the productivity of a notebook as well. Part of this announcement was a big one for Windows tablet users waiting for the touch version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft delivered on that promise. The interesting thing will be what will happen over the next couple of years – gradually migrating all the legacy code to the new WinRT based Office suite so then eventually there is single code base shared between OS X, Windows, iOS and Android – and on Windows the end user will have an Office that is context aware and can adapt based on whether the computer is in tablet mode or desktop mode meaning there will be no differentiation between the desktop and touch version. From the sounds of it they’re still working on the win32 version but I couldn’t imagine things going to smoothly on a hybrid device like a Surface when it requires two versions of Office needing to be installed side by side then dealing with launching the ‘correct one’ when in tablet or desktop mode.

For me I’m waiting to see whether the small annoyances in Windows Phone 10 have been addressed such as the lack of gapless playback for starters along with the promise during the presentation that they were going to release new flag ship phones – I’m hopeful but I’m also realistic about what Microsoft will deliver given that I’ve been disappointed in the past when I’ve had high expectations only to find they’re dashed when I’ve given Microsoft a chance. If there is any move by me to the ‘dark side’ it’ll probably involve a Surface Pro along with a Luma 820 or what ever happens to be the flag ship phone that has an sdcard slot – it appears their high end are sdcard slot free not to mention the battery is non-removable which is strange given that the high end tend to be focused on power users with most power users preferring an sdcard slot and a removable battery.

Yosemite 10.10.2 is still in development and it is already sitting at 14C106a with the builds that keep coming which makes me wonder whether Apple is really committed to fixing much of the complaints that have lead to many posts talking about the decline in software quality at Apple. Hopefully over the next couple of updates we’ll see bugs being fixed, code improving and the excitement will start to build as we get closer to WWDC and the announcement of 10.11.

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