Finally back home

Finally back from Masterton after being up there for a week – feels so good to lay in my comfortable bed in familiar surroundings. Finally got back at around 4:30am, rode overnight but had to take it easy going over the Rimutaka Range since it was blowing one hell of a gale but luckily I kept my cool and took it easy and had no incidents.

Although Microsoft is making much progress with Windows 10 and believe me I was tempted to jump ship I had to step back and take a deep breath. Although the run down former ministry of railways house with a new lick of paint gives the appearance that things have changed I’m sure once you scratch the surface you find lurking beneath the well decorated exterior there is the same horrific nightmare sitting underneath it all just waiting to bite the end user in the ass as always. Although the Surface Pro 3 appears to be great it is a bit like Samsung – great hardware, horrible software and thus you have the potential for a great over all product but undermined by the software that comes pre-installed.

I went into Lower Hutt today and purchased a new television, a Freeview Satellite receiver and an Apple TV box (threw it on my GEM Visa with the 12 months interest free) – honestly I am so happy with the purchase. Being able to sit back, relax and watch France 24 English service streaming free of charge via YouTube (I have resigned up to YouTube using my iCloud email address) without having the ongoing cost of paying a sky subscription although it is rather annoying that that Al Jazeera doesn’t have a live streaming service although I can watch individual episodes as they are made available.

Drobo has released an update to their Drobo Dashboard application so I’ll have a check out to see if there are any differences in terms of performance but everything is going well looking forward to eventually seeing OS X 10.10.2 being released and will hopefully address some of the issues that many have been facing. Teething problems after a major release is hardly unheard of and probably more disruptive given the introduction of features such as Continuity, Hand Off, along with many other features that would have touched the bluetooth and wifi stack that might have caused some issues. One thing to remember is that there are always going to be bugs but at the same time though to diagnose and fix things like wifi are difficult because there are so many variables – the exact same hardware configuration in one scenario might yield and entirely different result in another scenario not to mention the numerous combinations of routers that exist out there and the role that the ISP provides in providing a stable internet connection.

Tomorrow I’ll finish off the MacBook Pro review video and upload it to my Vimeo channel – hopefully it won’t be too long.

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