So things are apparently getting worse…..again

Not a month goes by without at least someone claiming that the quality of Apple has gone to hell in a hand basket ( link ) ( link ) and thus the pages of hysteria and half baked writing on how their computer apparently ‘locks up all the time’ and ‘wifi keeps dropping’ yet never give actually any specific pieces of information. I’m going to do some copying and pasting of some stand out examples of what is wrong with such a whingefest – at no time do I deny there being bugs that have yet to be resolved but honestly, if you’re experiencing this many problems yet millions are rocking along without any problem then big questions need to be asked about your setup. Remind me back when there was the transition from PPC to Intel and how people were going on about how 10.4.11 was so much more stable than 10.5 and how the quality had gone down hill. In 10.6 the same things were said again that 10.5.8 was the most stable release then we had the same thing said about 10.7.5 and 10.8.5 and 10.9.5 – anyone see the cycle there? I’ll guarantee you when 10.10.2 is finally released then in a year we’ll have people go on about how OS X 10.10.5 is the most stable release and ever since then OS X has been going down hill with 10.11. The fact that it is repeated so often and people aren’t even bothering to hear themselves speak I wonder whether there is a giant well orchestrated trolling taking place given such cognitive dissidence would require a lot of work – a lot more work than even I would be willing to put into it.

Lets stand back for a second, Apple has adopted a rapid release cycle and the problems that exist with brand new software have always existed. Way back when they had large releases every 2-3 years you had a whole new set of problems – large number of new features and frameworks being developed and merged into the operating system all at the same time then customers and third developers having to spend time digesting at times buggy features and frameworks that were later matured as updates were released down the track. In other words – a lot of change, a lot of area to cover as so far as beta testing, providing feedback and bug fixes rolling out in future seeds during the beta testing cycle and this romanticisation of the past really tells me just how out of touch so many people actually are from the facts; the years of the Finder hanging when the network connection dropped out or server dropped off resulting in the computer unusable until the network drive timed out, a message was displayed and everything was back to normal. Then there is the corruption caused by an incompatibility between a particular firmware version on external drives with oxford chipset which came with 10.3 followed by an update that came through I think towards the end of the 10.3 release cycle which ended up killing the ethernet port thus forcing Apple to withdrawal the update and fix the problem. Then in 10.4.4 when most people jumped onboard the x86 gravy train it was already 4 updates into the release cycle, 10.5 came the deluge of criticisms around the 3D Dock not to mention and I’m sure if we go through the many forums you can hear people whine about the current release and then wax poetically about ‘the good old days’ then rinse and repeat the next release and the release after that.

We have “Mitch Z’ complaining about “OS X instability — particularly with Yosemite, which I find to be about as stable as Win98. Seriously, system lockups and the black-screen-of-death on simple web page loads with Safari? WTF, Apple! Where’s the legendary UNIX stability of BSD now?” Yet he fails to answer the obvious question – why am I ground zero for instability? why isn’t it wide spread? what is it about my setup that is causing problems? If you’re constantly getting kernel panics then doesn’t that say something that maybe there is a problem with the hardware? third party kernel extensions? why is it almost every time I hear a so-called self appointed ‘IT expert’ complain about something it is always a series of fingers pointing outwards rather than inwards?

Then there is William H whining about applications that have been cut – Aperture for all the noise made by aficionados never really gained a following and quite frankly at this point Apple realises when to cut its loses especially when there is a better alternative that exists out there provided by a third party.  Aperture was killed off because anyone who is a creative type will be using Adobe’s Creative Cloud and in turn has full access to the whole Adobe portfolio of applications which make the application ceasing a reason to exist. When it was created it was there to fill a niche, Adobe changed its licensing and offered Lightroom, customers move to using Lightroom and here we are with Aperture discontinued. That is no different to when Microsoft killed off large portions of their online services in favour of teaming up with already established players such as WordPress, Facebook and Dropbox. When it comes to Final Cut Pro X – once again, you have Adobe Premier for the middle of the range, AVID at the high end and Apple is trying to cut out a niche with Final Cut Pro X by catering to the prosumer market and independent small studios which would definitely fit inline with Mac Pro and the OpenCL centric optimisations that came with the software. It isn’t about the management team being assholes, it is about being sensible about the resources you have and the part of the market where it makes sense focusing the money on when it comes to delivering a product As for the replacement for iPhoto – again, that has been announced and 2015 is the launch date along with the iPhoto and Aperture updated to work with Yosemite to provide enough breathing room before Photos is ready to ship for OS X.

Honestly, the more I see hysterical BS being paraded as insightful opinion the more i find myself seeking refuge in the ‘one man circle jerk’ that is my blog.

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