Another day, another pay

Found out why my email hadn’t been replied to at payroll – the office is pretty much empty over Christmas and New Year with the payroll staff back on Monday next week so that’ll be something I’ll need to follow up on Tuesday when I head into work again (six day week, yay!) but on a good side I’ve got three statutory holidays for time and a half so next pay week will be great and I can put the cash towards my telephone bill plus throw a few dollars onto my GEM Visa. Can’t wait till I get that sorted then onto my next mission – an iMac maxed up to 16GB, 512GB SSD, upgraded GPU and CPU – hopefully by that time Apple has either refreshed their non-Retina line or their iMac 5K. I’d say that the iMac ‘non-Retina’ is probably due for an upgrade even if it is a modest one, Thunderbolt 2, nVidia 900M series, Haswell refresh CPU up to 4Ghz.

My old man has had to go back into hospital for another blood transfusion because his immune system crashed after the chemotherapy so hopefully this will allow him to fight off the infection. I’m worried for him but at the same time I need to be realistic in that me getting myself stressed out won’t fix the problem – I’m there to support mum, who has a stoic exterior, still needs the support of the family to get through this difficult patch. The biggest problem is that Hairy cell leukaemia is so rare that at the hospital dad goes to everything is pretty much a first time for everything given that it isn’t something they come across on a regular basis. Hopefully they’ll get it all sorted out – I’m going to be pretty much out of contact with my parents for the next couple of weeks – 6 days straight then followed by going up to Masterton to cover some management shifts – I’ll try to keep in contact but you know how it is with the cycle of work, sleep, waking up, eat then more work.

Looking forward to eventually seeing Yosemite 10.10.2 is released and hopefully it’ll include bug fixes and stabilise things but for all the horror stories I hear things are actually working swimmingly well – no problems with my wifi performance on my laptop, no drop outs, and haven’t experienced any of the problems others have talked about. I guess I’m lucky or I simply avoid loading crap on my laptop that I don’t need. What ever the case maybe, it has been smooth sailing since I received it and looking forward to the day that my iMac is dropped off – hopefully when it happens I’ll get some time off from work to bash in the warm glow of 27inch worth of glory sitting on my desk.

Regarding a video on Vimeo in reference to the review of my laptop – I’ll probably do that on Monday since that is my own free day that I have available. Chill out, grab a pizza, watch some television and upload a review on Vimeo so as they say, “watch this space”.

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