Arrived today: Huawei HG659b, chocolates and some drama

I was woken up this morning by a courier dropping off two packages, the first was the Huawei HG659b VDSL/ADSL/UFB Modem Wireless router – although it is a business class modem (cost including GST sitting at $199) the benefit one gets is that it is 802.11ac, gigabit ethernet ports as well as supporting UFB once it becomes available in the area. I did a quick benchmark in terms of running the speedtest bandwidth test which not only tests the internet connection but also the robustness of the wireless network given that the end result can be impacted not just by the connection to the internet via VDSL but also the connection from the router to the laptop. When compared to the Airport Extreme Base Station the speed was either equal or better. In regards to the bandwidth, I thought there was a 160Mhz option but it appears I was incorrect. Interesting enough I haven’t had any of the problems that many people were having with their Wifi and Yosemite (OS X) so I’m wondering whether certain conditions have to exist to cause the problem which probably explains why it is so difficult to nail down the problem when it occurs. That being said, with my iMac being the main driver I’ll end up purchasing a power line networking kit and use the old heater circuit for the network which will provide a stable connection from my desktop to the router. So everything is going well – and from my bedroom I’m connected to the router at 527Mbps which isn’t too bad IMHO, intact it is around 200Mbps faster than with my Airport Extreme.

Had the boss come in today and asked whether I was able to go up to Masterton for a week to cover for a manager going away – I gave them the heads up and said I was all good to do so. I’ll end up staying with a work mate up there but hopefully I’ll be able to get back home asap after helping him out up there. Although I don’t mind working away from home I still prefer the comfort of my own bed in an environment I’m familiar with. I’ll bring up a couple of uniform changes, my laptop, top up my mobile phone with some extra data and everything will be all good for the week. Question is, how do I get up there – train or scooter my way up there like last time which should be fun.

Received the renewal letter from the NZTA for my scooter – now I’ll have the extra cash I’ll be able to purchase a 12 month rego and not have to worry about it for a while. I’m going to head into work tomorrow at 4pm and hopefully I’ll receive a reply from payroll regarding the updating of my bank account so then I can go into ASB Bank on Monday to close off my two bank accounts then eventually once my Kiwisaver has been moved over I’ll close off my Fastnet facility and finally have everything sorted out.  In the next couple of days I’ll receive my Visa Debit card and then after a month of money coming into the account I’ll chat to Kiwibank about moving from American Express to one provided by my bank which will make life easier particularly when it comes to payment, yearly costs and interest rate. On a good side though I was freaking out that maybe I had set up the bill payment to GEM Visa incorrectly but the payment I made eventually came through so I breathed a sigh of relief.

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