Awesomely awesome!

My MacBook Pro ‘Retina’ has finally arrived! yay! man, it is fast, so damn fast – I hadn’t realised how much of a boat anchor the old spinning had disk was when compared to the built in 512GB SSD along with the maxed out the memory to 16GB. So fast and damn is the display sexy – I’ll probably finish off the review by tomorrow after I drop off the Sky decoder to the offices in Wellington. To go with the fancy new laptop I’ve sold off my Airport Extreme and VDSL modem to replace it with a Huawei HG659b which will be UFB compatible for when UFB arrives in January in 2015.

After being shafted around by ASB after returning from Westpac (having paid off my debt via Westpac’s ’12 months interest free’ deal) they’ve shafted me around when it came to applying for a credit card and then add insult to injury they then screw me around when it comes to moving my money from Australia to New Zealand then fail to setup my Kiwisaver to a balanced investment profile rather than conservative (every time I’ve asked them to change it they have never actually changed it). Honestly, when you’ve been with a bank for almost 8 years you really have to stand back and ask, “hang on, I’ve been loyal to you guys, I’ve always paid my credit card on time and paid off my loan before the due date so why am I being shafted?”. I’ve moved all my bills over to my new Kiwibank, I’m going to keep my American Express mainly because I’ve been with them since God was a teenager so why not, and my Gem Visa is just hanging around since all the major retailers and Apple use them for their 6-12 months interest free deals. I might end up moving to a low interest MasterCard but it probably won’t be until I’ve fully paid off my Gem Visa but I’m pretty happy with my AMEX card so far.

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