I bit the bullet and went for it: MacBook Pro ‘Retina’

So I sold off my iMac and MacBook Pro (both were circa 2012) and replaced it with the following:

Screen Shot 2014 12 19 at 4 42 06 am

I decided that 512GB storage is more than sufficient but I upped the memory to 16GB and CPU to the highest I could get. Long term I’m looking at getting an iMac but no until they do a refresh of their existing current iMac line up given that their iMac 5K although great has an underpowered GPU that really is put under stress with moderate games not to mention the egg cooking temperature that the GPU can get up to when compared to a similar grunty GPU when running a non-Retina display.

On a good side, I’ve almost bought all the Christmas presents this year; for my niece I bought her two $20 iTunes vouchers, my sister and her partner a $50 petrol voucher and now all I have left is trying to decide what to get for my parents and grandma. Vouchers are the safe choice – more personal than just straight cash but flexible enough as to allow the individual to choose what they want.

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