The big decision: MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Tis another example of the first world problem I face: Do I get a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air. One thing to consider is the fact that it isn’t my main driver so having grunt performance isn’t all that important but at the same time if it means that I’m only saving $600 for a slightly lower resolution screen, slower processor and less memory then maybe I’m just better off sucking it up and spending the extra money on getting a maxed out MacBook Pro 13.3” and get the added benefit of a machine with greater longevity.

Another seed for OS X 10.10.2 has been released which leaves me wondering whether they’re going to burn the midnight oil to get it out the door before Christmas because I’d assume like most organisations they probably close over Christmas to new years given that for around a week nothing really happens. Looking forward to WWDC next year and hopefully hearing more about OpenGL NG and the rumour that as a long term project they’re going to give it a complete overhaul, have a single framework that covers all devices rather than the OpenGL and OpenGL ES divide etc.

Anyway, I better head off to sleep – my eyes are drooping as I type this blog post lol.

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