Another weekend and back to work

On a good side I can tick off some accomplishments that I achieved over the weekend with the first being finally getting around to cancelling my sky subscription where I originally thought I had a 12 mont contract but it appears that if you already have a dish installed along with the cabling still intact then the amount of time one is ‘bonded’ to the service is less than the 12 months advertised. I guess the 12 months they talk about is the ‘worse case scenario’ where a dish needs to be installed plus cabling any any other freebies they’ve thrown in for good luck. I got put through to the disconnection department but as I explained, I only watch around 6-10 hours of television per week so it makes little or no sense what so ever paying something like $60 per month for a service I rarely use (I pay the extra money for a better decoder because the base standard SkyTV ones have a habit of freezing up and crashing thus rebooting half way through a television show). Just having a look through I realised that a lot of what I want to watch is already available online in the form of live streaming of news for example which means even if I upgrade my internet connection to flat rate VDSL I’m still going to end up being $40 better off each month. Looking forward to eventually getting UFB installed – I’ll settle for the 100Mbps option – although the Spotify offer that comes with the ultra mobile plans does look tempting given that it would give access to a decent selection of music without having to go out of my way to purchase or download it.

Went into Vodafone store to sort out the extra set top box my parents have that they want to return – and sure enough I had to call up Vodafone to cancel the extra box before I can return it. Honestly, there is a reason why the call centre is swamped with calls when you cannot go into a Vodafone store and sort out all your issues with them – not just mobile phone accounts as with the situation today. One of the things I love about Spark is the fact that if the call centre is overwhelmed i can take a quick trip into town and get it sorted out at the local Spark store. With that being said, it does raise some interesting questions regarding getting the programmes from the internet to the television – maybe I should get a low end Mac mini and hook it up to my television then combine it with a wireless magic pad and keyboard to be able to watch television from the sofa without having to drag my laptop out every time I want to watch something. A good ethernet connection to the router and voila – happy times for all. The big aim next is to install some ethernet cabling at some point in the future with proper jacks at both ends but the problem is having to deal with finding some way to run a cable to the various bedrooms either under the house or outside the house (which has its own unique challenges such as making it weather proof). The other alternative is to purchase some ‘power line networking’ ( link ) that uses the internal wiring in the house, I’ll use the old heater wiring which will hopefully provide a more stable and reliable network along with lower latency than using Wifi.

Cleaned up the outside of the house, pulled out all the weeds but next week I’m going to focus on completely covering all the backyard in roundup to kill every living thing under or near the concrete so then I don’t have to deal with weeds coming up between the cracks. After spending a good 6 hours cleaning up the front and backyard I certainly am not the sort of person who wishes that such activities were needed on a monthly basis. Once I get that sorted out hopefully I can put some furniture in the backyard so then on my day off I can spend time in the sun with my laptop, a nice cool Apple cider and chill out with the cool breeze sweeping through.

Oh well, off to finish watching ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’ then I’ll head off to sleep for an early start tomorrow – well, earlier than I normally start at.

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