Windows 10 is pretty tempting but then reality hits plus more bad news with Vodafone and idiots in Bali

Geeze, in a week where I look to the Vodafone NZ Facebook page to cheer myself up after being at work all day I can’t believe it has been this long and not a single executive has come out from Vodafone to say or do something about the issue. Do the executives at Vodafone even know what is happening the real world – outside of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ board room meetings involving throwing a midget against a target board? Honestly, if we were getting that level of complaints at the organisation I work I’m sure the CEO would be fronting up to the media and there would be emails being fired back and forth between shops, area managers and restaurant managers on resolving this issue and finding some way to rebuild confidence in the organisation. Here we are and not a single person has fronted up, taken ownership which tells me as a potential customer (plus the many customers right now who are pissed off) that they don’t actually give a shit.

On to stories of stupidity we have this NZ ( link ) caught going to Bali with 1.7kg of Meth – all I can say to Bali authorities, you’re more than welcome to keep the guy and what you do with him I couldn’t give the slightest continental about. If you’re stupid enough to go overseas to smuggle drugs then you should accept the full consequence of those actions and that includes being punished according to the destination country’s justice system. Honestly, one less idiot in NZ then I’m happy for him to remain over there indefinitely.

I’ve been following the development of Windows 10 and although there is the appearance of ‘change’, all indications so far it is a matter of putting lipstick on a pig rather than genuine changes that are occurring under the hood. Inconsistent look and feel, various parts of the system still reliant on GDI rather Microsoft moving to Direct2D/DirectWrite and making a clean break from win32 so that the operating system can be moved forward based on modern underpinnings (WinRT) with win32 kept around for backwards compatibility. All the appearance gives the impression on first glance that Microsoft have improved things but as so long as they’re still relying on ancient technology that should have been put out to pasture many years ago then I’ll be faced with the same issues I faced when I had my Lenovo Thinkpad and Thinkcentre the last time I had a brief flirtation with the PC world almost 2 years ago. I’m having a look online and if I save up $1,000, sell my two computes for around $1,500 then I’ll have enough along with the 12 months interest free to purchase a MacBook Pro ‘Retina’, paying that down and then making a decision regarding an iMac once there is a refresh of either the non-Retina or the Retina iMac. Can’t wait – next year it’ll be the year of fibre being installed and two brand new computers, can hardly wait!

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