All is going well

Just following through the latest drama inflicting Vodafone: different systems, the failure to integrate businesses they’ve acquired and now customers are frustrated after having to wait up to 1 hour and 10 minutes to be served by a customer care representative. This is the prime example of what happens when you have a complete disconnect between management and what happens in the trenches, when the focus is on the razzle-dazzle and not spending the money in terms of going out and building a new billing system from the ground up that can cover the existing and any future acquisitions not to mention a website that is consistently broken (the tool used to match your location to what services they offer in that location is broken more times than it isn’t) not to mention that we’re in 2014 and still unable to use a single log in and manage all services from a single login.

Had the Christmas party for work and everyone enjoyed themselves – a few quiet ones and lots of fun for all concerned. Worked out great when compared to the original plan of going to ten pin bowling them off to a restaurant which would have cost something like $50 minimum which would have excluded many because of the shear cost of the exercise. Honestly, nothing is worse for a crew function if most people cannot turn up because of the cost associated with it – end of the day a Christmas function should be something that allows everyone to turn up and chill out as a team without having to worry about there being yet another out of pocket cost. So we had lots of fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and I decided to purchase a nice bottle of wine for the ‘secret Santa’.

Well now that I’ve got my iPhone 6 I’m looking at paying that off before the end of December with the big push going forward is waiting for UFB to installed up the street where I live and hopefully they’ll be able to reusing the existing ducting because I don’t want them to do the half assed installations I’ve seen online which resemble a Friday job before a long weekend. There has been the winner of the Gigatown announced and the winning town is Dunedin which will be gigabit connections to the home but hopefully Spark will expand their UFB support up to 200mbps download and 20mbps upload and with Netflix coming to NZ (along side Lightbox) I’ll need to come up with reasons to keep holding onto SkyTV. I’ve also had a look at the MacBook Pro and iMac – the plan I’ve got in store is that I’ll sell them both and hopefully if I get NZ$1200-NZ$1500 then I’ll be set to purchase an MacBook Pro then wait till the refreshed iMac ‘Retina’ comes out and then go for that – I’d say that the iMac ‘Retina’ will probably be refreshed in the second half of next year to take advantage of the refreshed mobile GPU line which is rumoured to have a substantially improved performance (either that or they refresh a non-Retina iMac which IMHO would be ‘good enough’ for what I need to do)>

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