Racism begets racism

Racism leads to more racism leads to even more racism yet so-called ‘social justice warriors’ wonder why so much scorn is bucketed upon them by ‘shitlords’ and those whom they dehumanise through the use of dehumanising language – a process of turning a human into a non-human which then legitimises their attitude because ‘after all, I’m not attacking a human’. Sounds familiar – bit like those men goose stepping.

Lmao nope I won’t stop cause I’m right, hating whites does not further racism in America. It literally does not affect their livelihoods in any way, all white people get from the “racism” they face is hurt feelings. You’re an idiot.

You’re an idiot.

Let’s just assume for a moment that you SJWs are right, and that it’s impossible to be racist to white people. You’re still furthering racism in America and everywhere else. Why? Because when white people see this shit their feelings do get hurt. And heck, the people who actually face discrimination, such as being unable to get college scholarships while less-qualified students get thousands of dollars of “race-based” scholarships, or being turned down from jobs because the company “needs more diversity,” or even being outright bullied, assaulted, or having friends and family murdered because of their race, see your disgusting, hate-filled rhetoric and get legitimately angry.

And then people like Stormfront come in. They take these angry, vulnerable people aside and say: “See, we told you! Anti-racism is code for anti-white. You’re being victimized by society and we’re the only ones will stand up for you!”

And another white supremacist is born.

It’s the same thing with you SJWs. You feel targeted, you feel victimized you feel like the whole world is against you. You feel like you need to defend yourself. And pricks like TRR and EuthanizeAllWhitePeople come in and tell you “Hey, your anger is justified. See? The whole world is against you, and we’re the only ones standing up for your rights. It’s okay to be a hateful bigot, because the other side did it first!” And you believe them. And the vicious cycle continues.

The cool thing about this is, it doesn’t matter if people are actually oppressed. If you make them FEEL oppressed, then they’re likely to try and do some oppressing back. This is the one case where feelz really are > reals.

And that’s why in the end, your bigotry is hurting you and the people you’re trying to stand up for. You’re so blinded by your dehumanization of your “oppressors” that you don’t realize you’re driving them down the same path of hatred that whatever injustices you suffered drove you down.

And THAT is why we say shit like “violence isn’t a solution” or “hate breeds more hate.” NOT because we want to perpetuate oppression. Because we want to end it.

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