Progressing forward: iPhone 6, Leather case and falling off the wagon (and getting back on again!)

So my American Express ‘Low Rate’ finally arrived and because I was able to sell off my HTC One M8 I could purchase an iPhone 6 128GB along with this gorgeous looking leather case from Pad and Quill:

Lupb 6 brn blu

The case has just shipped so hopefully if all goes well I’ll find that the phone will ship some time this week and arrive after the case has arrived – the perfect timing which will enable me to get back into the Mac ecosystem. On a good side I’ve just been reading up that Spark is going to rip out the Lucent-Alcatel 3G gear and replace it with gear from Huawei ( link ) which will mean that their mobile system will be completely standardised and will take advantage of SRAN that should allow greater flexibility and the ability to shift loads between frequencies, from 3G to 4G, to maybe even reuse spectrum in the case of Vodafone in Australia where they’ve announced that they’re going to provide 4G over 850Mhz and 2100Mhz since Spark owns both spectrum. There is no word on whether they’ll move to providing VoLTE but rumour has it with their move to use BroadSoft which also has VoLTE support which makes me wonder whether they’ll just standardise for both their fibre and mobile networks on a single VoIP/VoLTE vendor – when i comes to the mobile network what it might mean is the more efficient use of spectrum meaning they can drive down costs and bring them a competitive advantage over Vodafone and 2 Degrees by offering more minutes talking and larger data packages.

Regarding a health change – I fell off the wagon but for good reason; celebration of closing off my Westpac credit card and christened that celebration with a six pack of Issac’s apple cider. Back on track this week and hopefully my scooter will be ready to be picked up at the store.

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