UFB looks to be arriving on time

Just looking down the street and it appears that UFB is going to be delivered on time (January 2015) or closed to it given that there has been a hive of buzzing activity. Chorus has started offering 200Mbps connections to ISP’s although the only ISP I’ve seen offer it is Snap but the unlimited 200Mbps download, 200Mbps upload but it is sitting at $179. Alternatively Vodafone has finished their upgrade of their HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coax) network recently which will hopefully translate with them offering speeds of up to 200Mbps and greater capacity of their HFC network so that as flat-rate internet subscribers increase that the speeds won’t drop off the edge of the cliff during peak times.

Now that the debt has been paid off to the bank I’ve organised the final payment for Spark account which finishes off another outgoing which means that by the time Christmas rolls around I’ll have the final bit paid off then all I’ll have left is the loan I have with my parents (my original scooter plus a few dopey purchasing decisions lol) which I’m aiming to have paid off by the middle of next year. The goal is by the middle of next year all debt will be paid off with the only debt left is my student loan which I’ll then move onto paying off which, if all goes well, will be paid off hopefully by the middle of the following year so by that time I’ll be in a situation where the only out goings will be my rent, power, internet, mobile along with insurance – as I said to my old man, once you get rid of those out goings things will be pretty comfortable.

Regarding my plan for upgrading my MacBook Pro and iMac – I’m going to first get an iPhone 6 with case then I’ll sell my iMac and MacBook Pro then use part of those funds to purchase a MacBook Pro then an iMac the end of the year – space it out over a year and maybe we’ll see a refresh of the iMac non-Retina. One thing I found out, which is a downside of UFB, is that it isn’t compatible with the Airport Extreme base station since it requires tagging to work on the UFB network where as with the Vodafone it uses bog standard PPPoE where as UFB requires that a capable router is hooked up to the Optical Network Termination (ONT) point then the Airport Extreme base station is hooked up to that – in other words, a multi-port clusterfuck in the making that I’d prefer to avoid.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve got my Vimeo up and running then moved my original HTC One M8 review across plus a fresh video uploaded in the last couple of days. I’ll upload future reviews when I buy an iPhone 6, iMac and MacBook Pro along with the change in internet connections – with from from VDSL to UFB or VDSL to 100Mbps cable via Vodafone (but knowing my experience so far with Vodafone I’ll probably stick with Spark and put up with the fact that I’ll keep using the hg659b rather than using my Airport Extreme base station).

Btw, when it comes to Facebook and business pages, just don’t waste your time because Facebook is where all hope in humanity goes to die. Honestly it is a sad state of affairs given that otherwise ‘rational’ people scream and whine like spoilt petulant children because 90% of the time they screw up but turn around to blame the company rather than themselves. Just reading through Spark NZ and Vodafone NZ page and the replies are pretty sad indictments on the average New Zealander if those posts are anything to go by.

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