Posters on Macrumors are one of the many reasons why the website sucks

Honestly I made the ill advised leap of faith and decided to have a look at some stories on Macrumours then having a look through the comment section hoping that maybe someone might illuminate the story a little more – maybe a current IBM employee talking about what is happening behind the scenes. Anyway, there was ridiculous post:

We need the iPad Pro, with a decent iOS suited to a device of this size. Until then, Apple’s products are more toys than tools.

As if the individual hadn’t actually realised that this dinky little company called Apple actually makes more than just iOS devices, you know, they make these things called ‘laptops’, ‘desktops’ and ‘workstations’ that run this magical thing called ‘OS X’ and they just recently released a new version with the code name ‘Yosemite’ (OS X 10.10). Honestly, for people like him to some how hang the fate of Apple on a single product line is pathetic and even more pathetic when he cannot work through this basic idea that there are employees right now using Mac laptops every day with Cisco having the largest number of employees using Mac’s in every day office work. What Apple doesn’t need is iPar Pro’s but for idiots like you to realise that Apple makes more than just iOS devices or better yet to refrain from commenting on a forum until you have a firm grasp of reality.

I apologise for this rant but god knows there are far too many people who spew half baked verbal diarrhoea as some how enlighten earth shattering observations worthy of wasting space on a hard disk and bandwidth on the internet. There is a fine line between an actual observation based on reality and an opinion that defies all logic because they can’t even be bothered realising the depth and breadth of Apple’s portfolio and what can be provided to enterprise customers. Honestly, the iPad Pro is as stupid rumour as the fabled xMac, the return of clones or worse the much opined rumour that Apple will leave Intel and magically pull a desktop, laptop and workstation ARM based CPU out of their ass because something something no reason at all. At some point you’d think that this nonsense would be called out but alas here we are hearing the same crap being spewed by people who believe that groundless opinion is worth something. Macrumors, YouTube and Facebook to me have one purpose and one purpose only – why I should never sign up to such services given that as bad as 4Chan is, it pales in comparison to the sewer that are those websites.

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