One more day to go

One more day and then I’ll be heading in to move my superannuation from Australia to New Zealand which should boost my Kiwisaver above ten grand and once I’ve got my loan with my parents sorted out by mid next year I’ll start making voluntary payments but I wonder whether, after the 5 year Kiwisaver holiday whether I just go for another 5 year Kiwisaver holiday because then at least it gives me the ability to make manual payments into the scheme rather than having it binding upon me every single week – even when I really do need the extra money because an unexpected bill has come up. With that being said although I have a student loan of around $23,000 and there is no interest I really do want to get rid of that after I pay off my parents so then when I hit 36 years old I’ll be 100% debt free which still leaves me another 40 years to make contributions to my Kiwisaver so when I do retire at some ripe old age I’ll be debt free, stable job, a house to live in and a nice nest egg that’ll top up the national super. Although I’d love to upgrade to the latest and greatest iMac, MacBook Pro and/or iPhone I also realise that I’m better off getting my financial situation sorted so that I don’t look back at the years working and regret the money I squandered because I was too short term focused in my decision making.

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