Updates and drama

Well I’ve updated the HTC One M8 review so it now points to the Vimeo version which uses the HTML5 video tag rather than relying on Flash which should make the blog a little less CPU heavy. Once I’ve got my debt paid off I’m going to have a look at paying to upgrade my WordPress account so that it no longer has advertisements on there – I loaded my blog at work and I now realise just how obnoxious those ads are so that is next on my ‘to do’ list of things I need to sort out.

Affinity Designer appears to be a pretty good drop in replacement for Illustrator for those wanting a vector image application but without the Adobe price tag attached – of particular importance now that Adobe has gone 100% to subscription and really unless you’re using it every day either as a student or in a business then you’re better off looking for an alternative. Pixelmator has received an update for Yosemite and hopefully we’ll see applications in the future become ‘iMac 5K aware’ as I’m sure eventually the non-Retina iMac will be phased our – maybe have a 4K iMac and a 5K iMac aka prosumer build for those who want the bleeding edge at a reasonable price (reasonable price being subjective of course lol).

At the end of November I’m going to take my scooter in for its 6 month check up – I’m going to ask the guy at the shop to replace the front and back tyres because they’re running out of tread and they have a tonne of holes that’ll eventually require me to replace it at some point in the future. I’l also get them to tighten up anything that is loose and tweak anything that needs tweaking. Hopefully it won’t set be back too much but it’ll mean that I have my bases covered in the coming year knowing that everything is going well.

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