Almost there, 5 days to freedom!

Pay came in tonight and I’m going to head down to the bank to make a deposit with the final deposit occurring on Monday next week. I’ve fully moved back to ASB along with my Kiwisaver and everything is going well – and by the end of the month I’ll have all my financial ducks in a row and when Christmas appears I’ll be able to purchase presents for family without having to dip into debt or worry about not having enough cash to pay bills and buy presents. If everything keep going the way they do then I might end up being able to purchase my iPhone 6 (I’ve opted for the iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 6 Plus because in real life the iPhone 6 Plus is far too big and then its size will be compounded by the fact that I’ll be adding a case like this to protect it) before Christmas. Long term I was looking at the iMac 5K but after having a chat with other people online I’m going to hold off till iMac 5K 2.0 is released as to avoid the usual 1.0 bugs and hopefully by the time the refresh rolls around we’ll see a refresh of the iMac non-Retina and hopefully more a powerful GPU will be available which will have more headroom left over after powering al those pixels on the 5K screen.

The MacBook Pro with Retina has had the kinks hammered out of it over the last several generations and the GPU included with the Haswell has more than enough grunt to power the screen but on the other side even with the M295X it is really being pushed to the max so either we’re going to see a refresh with the M390X/M395X in the future or maybe good old non-Retina is good enough and Apple will keep updating their non-Retina iMac with maybe an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M which was released in October and I’d say that it’ll be at least early next year before we start to see it in large volumes in computers made by big OEM’s – there are already device ID’s found in Yosemite for such a device so I wouldn’t be surprised if the iMac 5K is lined up as an ‘iMac Pro’ to be geared at the prosumer wanting Mac Pro style grunt but at a lower price point then leaving the non-Retina where they are until such point that Retina displays at that size become affordable. To be completely honest though it appears that once you get to a certain size and sit viewing the screen at a given distance the need for Retina turns from ‘makes things nice’ to something of a novelty rather than a necessity and I have a feeling that non-Retina displays will be around with us for quite some time especially when it comes to large screen configurations such as the iMac 27 inch model.

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