Microsoft Office for Mac is on its way

Microsoft has released Outlook for Office 365 ( link ) today which will hopefully result in the rolling out of Word, Excel and PowerPoint along with an updated OneNote in the first half of 2015. To be honest I’ve been holding out before taking the plunge and I hope that the massive changes they’ve made with more code being shared between the Windows and Mac version that we’ll eventually see more frequent updates and better Mac integration without the ‘issues’ when it comes to Office for Windows and Mac incompatibility issues that sometimes arise. I’ve been concerned with the move to a subscription but when I crunched the numbers I can pay $165 per year and gain a whole heap of goodies ( link ) if I go for the Home edition which includes 1TB of online storage plus Skype minutes as well as the ability to also run Office on my iPhone as well as my two Mac’s. If the move to a subscription model means regular updates and upgrades then it is a small psychological hurdle that I think I can over come for the sake of something that appears to be pretty good value for money.

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