So far so good

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog but I’m around 95% of the way there to pay off my debt so I’m going to change where my pay goes into from Westpac to ASB Bank then hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have it fully paid off and no more debt to worry about which should make life a lot less stressful. When I’m stressed I gain weight and sleep horribly so hopefully I can focus on getting my diet and exercise under control along with losing a few kilos which is much needed.

I’ve bought my bike licence for the next three months with a scheduled maintenance going the done around half way through November and then when December rolls around I’m hoping that a few extra dollars up my sleeve will mean I can go and purchase an iPhone 6 – although I am tempted for the 6 Plus there is a huge lead time (3-4 weeks if bought from the Apple online store) and given my experience with an HTC One M8 that has a screen of similar size I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. Although normally I’d prefer buying it direct from Apple or through a carrier, if Harvey Norman have stock available which enables me to ‘cash and carry’ a 6 Plus then I’ll go for that option instead.

Going to start cleaning up my home ready for an inspection in the next couple of weeks but I’m going to have to borrow my sisters vacuum cleaner or buy myself a new one because the one I have now has next to no suction power. On a good side I’m going to get some time off next year over the summer to paint the inside and outside of the house which will enable me to patch up the places where the old telephone outlets were along with painting over where the panels heaters on the wall used to be. I’m still contemplating the idea of getting a heat pump but that comes down to where I can put it because I would prefer to have the outlet in the hall way because if it is installed in the living room the heat pretty much will stay in that room and I’ll be in my bedroom being a little bit cold.

I’ve got work tonight so I’ll be heading off to sleep and I might head in early tonight to grab something for dinner.

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