Apple bashing is becoming an illness

Just reading through the headlines and it is pathetic how hating Apple has gone from merely being something a noisy fringe participated in to now large mainstream websites get in on the game for the sake of generating page views, traffic and revenue from advertisement – and to hell with whether what is being reported is actually accurate. Take this one with the hysterical title ‘Apple’s OS X Yosemite slurps UNSAVED docs into iCloud’ ( link ) but of course such idiots ignore the fact that Apple never made it a secret. Honestly, how the heck do these people think continuity works? how do they think there is the ability to pick where one has left over and resume? do these hysteria prone security analysts (a term I use loosely) and fear mongers in the media some how believe that what Apple has promised is delivered with magic and pixie dust? Honestly, this is bad as the hysteria regarding Spotlight and ‘information being sent to Microsoft’ when in reality Apple never hid the fact that when you used Spotlight and there was a usable connection available that it would return search results from local as well as online via Bing’s search service. Honestly, the straws that journalists grasp at to get those punters clicking on links is amazing yet sad at the same time.

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