Admiring the beauty of UFB and OS X

Just looking through ‘System Information’ specifically the Frameworks and it is amazing how modular OS X is – it seems that although Apple has put a lot of effort to talk about the razzle-dazzle of the consumer facing side of OS X but there is a lot of work that has been done under the hood to improve the system – the gradual piece by piece cleaning things up and fine tuning. Although Windows 10 has made some giant strides I still feel that by their failure to go back and start with a clean slate or at least a strong foundation such as adopting FreeBSD (then building in features from OpenBSD, NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD) that we as the end user will always experience the rough edges of Microsoft trying to turn the ship around whilst still trying to keep everyone happy – especially those cheapskates with 30 year old software and demanding that he industry pivot on every whine, whinge and complaint they make with each new release of an operating system when their ‘important legacy software’ doesn’t work flawlessly.

Things are looking well with the iPhone 6 Plus and it appears the lead time is improving so hopefully by the time the end of November to Mid December the lead time will drop to 7-10 days and then it’ll eventually go ‘ships in 24 hours’ in the new year. It truly is astounding even with all the doom and gloom along with the dipsticks who wear skinny jeans bending their phones that it is the best selling iPhone yet. It is amazing the number of people who are flocking back to the iPhone after deal with Samsung only for the sake of a larger screen. The latest financials that have come out from Apple was not only positive sales numbers for the iPhone but also the 20% growth in shipment of Mac’s – the halo effect is impacting their other divisions.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with UFB – I received the letter stating that they’re working on installing UFB in my area but there isn’t exactly a time table given but from what I understand they try to re-use the existing ducting rather than tearing up the footpath and road where they avoid doing so. According to their now updated website they’re aiming to get UFB up to 100Mbps installed by January 2015 which means that I’m probably better off sticking with Spark for that fibre goodness or otherwise I’ll have to deal with Vodafone, it’s constantly broken HFC network not to mention the 2-3 hour waiting times on hold when ringing up to get something fixed up or billing resolved. They’ve started going up the street marking off where all the utilities are laid – power, water, gas and so forth which will hopefully mean that once UFB becomes available I’ll keep my existing Huawei hg659b 802.11ac wireless router since it is already UFB compatible and sold by spark as a business grade router which does a pretty good job already. By that time I would have cancelled by Sky subscription and gone flat rate naked UFB which will still end up saving me $40 per month – money I’d sooner spent on WordPress and Vimeo Premium. If things go well with Lightbox (Spark’s TV on demand service) then that might also be a good deal to sign up for as well. Oh well, off to sleep I go and read for another long night at work.

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