1 day down, another 4 days to go

Well, another day has come and gone but on the good side I’ve been told I’ve only got one more week travelling out to Porirua for work then I’m back to my old store and to be honest I prefer to be in an environment where things are predictable. I enjoy the crew where I work and the customers are great – not having to deal with customers who complain because they like the sound of their own voice and then come in only to treat those behind the counter like the person serving them is beneath them in some sort of hierarchy they have sitting in the back of their mind. Side note, before saying anything I suggest that a good number of people out there need to hear the sound of their own voice and then ask whether that voice really represents who you are as a person.

I’m going to purchase a 3 moth rego rather than a 12 month because it gives me enough breathing room for the next three months to finish off my ‘pay down the debt’ drive then in January when that expires then I’ll just purchase one for 12 months because by that time I’ll have the spare cash left over to make it possible.

Just having a look through on Apple’s online store and pricing things up – the iMac 5K with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, upgrade the CPU to an i7 4.0Ghz along with a MD Radeon R9 M295X then I priced up a MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and 3.0Ghz i7 CPU.  As for my old computer, I’ll probably sell the laptop but I might just give my old desktop to my sister since she’ll appreciate it a lot more than if I just went out and sold it to some person on the net then get stung with a massive trademe fee.

I’ve been putting my 802.11ac router through its paces along with my HTC One M8 which is 802.11ac compatible and although there isn’t a massive sped improvement I do find that the signal is a lot stronger given that my network is sitting on the 5Ghz frequency. The big question now is what I do once Vodafone has completed its upgrades by the end of November and whether I make the move to Vodafone – hopefully by then Apple will have more iPhone 6 plus in stock by that time.

Just been watching a series called Helix and Strain – both of them science fiction apocalyptic series – great way to just chill out after a long day ant work, vegetate in front of the laptop watching some episodes direct from the US. Goes back to my original thinking whether it is even worth having Sky – maybe I’m better off having an Apple TV and using that to watch television from overseas – hopefully Netflix will finally get its act together and come to NZ after creating a laundry list of excuses as to why they can’t come to NZ and the issue surrounding data caps and bandwidth being very much a non-issue.

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