Almost there…

Almost there to my goal of having all the debt paid off by the end of November then freedom! well, more freedom than I have these days. Here is the current screenshot of my computer:


I’m wanting to put a ‘Radmir Floral Ornament’ inspired background on my desktop but alas all the sources so far want to charge me $49 for 5 downloads – I guess if I do get really desperate and want to make my computer pretty I can always go ahead and do that then re-use the pattern downloads for a print out for a feature wall or tiles or something for my house in the future. There is something I do like that Apple provides but I find it not dark enough – I prefer to have a dark background and when it comes to reading through a website I prefer a grey/off white because it is less of a strain on the eyes especially when you consider the new transparency ‘thing’ that Apple has going on with it’s latest operating system.

Just reading through Arstechnica about the new iMac 5K and the early reports in so far that the speed and responsiveness is very good so that puts to rest my concern that the GPU didn’t have enough grunt to run the screen. Now, the big game is holding off till I pay off my debt, purchase the iPhone (hopefully in a month there will be more supply) along with the eventual upgrade of my MacBook Pro then moving to Vodafone for that 200Mbps flat rate internet connection once I’ve closed off my sky account (which will save me $60 per month).

On a good side my parents will arrive home after going to the UK for 6 weeks so I’ll head over to have dinner with them on Monday (my day off, unfortunately it is a split weekend). As much as I dislike having go to go back to work after a nice two days off I also realise that another day at work is another day to paying off my debt.

Side note though, I’m looking at re-uploading my HTC One video to Vimeo and in the long run I’m looking at deleting off my Gmail account. Oh, funny thing, checked my power account and my power bill for the month that has just gone is $89 – not too bad lol.

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