iMac and iPad refresh

Well the keynote has come and gone – I was expecting a ‘Retina display’ on the iMac for the masses but found that it is very much a niche product that I’m sure enthusiasts will find useful but for me when I put my rational purchasing decision hat on found that I’m actually better off getting a high end standard 27inch iMac, then doing a custom build with a 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, up the GPU to a 780M then swap the wireless keyboard to a full wired one and go for the touchpad rather than having a mouse. When it comes to the laptop – I’ll go for the MacBook Air, 512GB SSD, 8GB memory, up the CPU and thus have something with minimal moving parts that’ll last years to come.

Yosemite and updates to the iWorks suite was announced and released today – checking through the comments section it appears that Apple is releasing it in ‘waves’ rather than releasing it to ‘one and all’ only to result in all hell breaking loose. I’m hoping that by the time I wake up today at 7pm (before heading off to work) it will be ready for download for me along with the updates for iWorks. I’ll upload a video review of Yosemite in around a week or two time when I’ve had more experience with it – looking forward to the integration with iPhone 6 Plus once I finally get one in two months.

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