Another day, four days to go

I’ve just realised, looking at the date for today here in NZ, by the time I get back tonight on Thursday I’ll have to stay up until 9am (got work at 10pm on Friday) which means I’ll be able to stay up for the keynote (yay!) maybe some investment in popcorn might be in order. I’m looking forward to two things coming out – MacBook Air refresh with maybe a Retina display and an iMac 27Inch with a Retina display – both of those would be great to hear and given that it’ll be three months before I jump onboard and purchase it I will have plenty of time to put some money aside for it but I’m going to get an iPhone 6 Plus, move to Vodafone and get an Airport Extreme base station before I make that big move. I’m all excited that by the end of November I’ll be debt free and able to move on with my life in a better direction – more money left over each week knowing I’m not servicing a massive burden of debt and feeling a whole lot better for it.

My boss wanted to know whether I was interested in moving to Porirua because he wants someone there who has strong analytical skills when it comes to understanding sales and stock data but to be completely honest I certain do not want to be travelling out from Avalon to Porirua each day – it is an hour there and hour back – something I don’t want to make a habit of especially given that I most likely won’t receive a pay rise or anything to compensate me for the extra travel. In the end I’m happy over at Johnsonville so I’ll stay there for the long term – or until the dream job comes along and I can cash up that 2-3 months worth of holidays I’ve been saving up lol.

Scooter is going well and I’ll be looking at taking it in for a service at the end of November but before then I’ll have to get my rego sorted out so if I have some spare cash I’ll probably get the yearly one but if things are tight next pay day I’d sooner buy some time (say three months) then once my debt is paid off I’ll buy up a yearly rego for my scooter. Funny enough though my back tire has a puncher leak but because I put some of that foamy stuff in the tyre itself the leak was plugged up and things are going well – I’ll wait till November and when they do the servicing I’ll get them to go for gold and replace the back tyre at the same time so I can hit two birds with one stone. A nice new back tyre and I’ll tell the guys at the shop to do a top to bottom servicing where I’ll drop it off on Monday and then pick it up on Tuesday. I’ve been using the Castrol Activ 2T which has been pretty good so far and the engine seems to be purring a long nicely. I used to go into Wellington to grab the oil from the store I bought the scooter from but the Castrol is good enough for what I need and it is a good brand as well with a good reputation.

Just having a look through Vimeo – US$59.95 for a subscription and I’ll probably upgrade my WordPress subscription to ‘Wordpress Premium’ which works out to be US$79.95 per year. Both of those will be great upgrades but I’ll keep with my iCloud service – the keychain, bookmark and other synchronisation facilities I’ve become so dependent upon I really can’t give them up. I need those niceties. I’ve just checked out the cost of the iCloud storage options – the US$4.99 per month looks tempting. Maybe when I get the flat rate internet I’ll find many creative ways of filling up that iCloud Drive – back up my music collection? given that Vodafone is upgrading their HFC network to 200Mps it leaves a lot of possibilities to take advantage of.

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