Going well, going well indeedy

Everything is going great so far with the latest Public Beta of OS X Yosemite having been released before the weekend (Public Beta 6) which was a 55MB download which seemed to touch all the frameworks place the kernel and a few extensions – the final touches on OS X Yosemite before the rumoured announcement on 16 October for its public final availability. During this time I was hoping to be able to avoid having to use Flash but in the end I found that for all the benefits of HTML5 video it wasn’t able to elegantly handle a dodgy connection – especially given that a server is located on the other side of the world and I’m down here in NZ where it isn’t possible to get a consistent streaming connection where as with Flash (which is Yosemite compatible) I’ve been able to watch my favourite television shows without stuttering etc.

Debt paying is going great with the goal of getting it all paid off by the end of November – once all sorted out I’ll be looking at moving back to ASB Bank (including my Kiwisaver) then purchase an iPhone 6 Plus once it has been made available – I’ll pass along my HTC One M8 to my brother as either a Christmas present or a late one to replace his Samsung Galaxy S3. In the long run I’m looking at replacing my iMac and MacBook Pro with hopefully a Retina MacBook Pro and Retina iMac along with moving over to Vodafone once their 200mbps cable network comes online. Then some time down the track I’ll look at purchasing a 150cc scooter to replace my 50cc one which I’ll use in conjunction with getting a learners motorcycle licence which will provide me with greater mobility in the long term especially when it comes to travelling long distances at a reasonable speed (anything above 60kmph and I’d be a happy chap).

Looking forward to moving back to my iPhone but I’ve already moved back to iCloud then once I move back to an iPhone plus I’m going to delete my Gmail account then jump to using Vimeo for my video hosting of which I’ll do the occasional video but it won’t be on a weekly basis because to dedicate an amount of time to making videos takes quite a chunk out of the day especially when one considers getting the material ready, practicing, re-doing the video when there are mistakes etc. which all take time. Vimeo does some good video hosting and it avoids the trolls plus the videos keep their original quality a lot better than when I upload to YouTube. Hopefully once I get flat rate internet with unlimited downloads then it’ll become a greater possibility of being able to do move videos and other bandwidth heavy stuff for my blog in the future.

Anyway, got a closing shift tomorrow then back to the usual store for three days then back on Sunday to do an end of week at another store – feeling a bit like a ball in a pin ball machine being bounced around between different stores. Oh well, each pay packet gets me closer to paying off my debt and being debt free by the time Christmas rolls around – about to splurge on some presents without any guilt associated with spending up without accumulating any debt.

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